Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Romal Awards (c) A Befitting entree...

The Romal Foundation was started on 11 March 2006, when its visionary, M. Romal, decided to award those special people around him, for their feeble yet noble attempts at making the world a better place... The first thing he did was install a set of 4 awards to Honour the upcoming PJ'ers and Sarcasmo's in our vincinity friend circles... He thus began " The Romal Awards ", to facilitate these very people..

The Romal Awards (C)

I Romal, convenor of these awards hereby declare, on this the Eleventh day of the Fourth month (being as per the Gregorian calendar; the month dedicated to Mars... i.e... March), during the early summer of the year 2006, the 16th year in the twenty first century of human existence on this planet Earth, that these awards have been created to honour brave souls that I have come across ( personally) in their feeble yet noble attempts of being the most fabulicioustic Sarcasmo's or PJ'ers in their respective friend circles, all over the world.
I seek to honour their courage to stand out, and their willingness to be different. May the gods of humour, (who even offended Bacchus ), be at their sides. Peace to all Humanity!

The Winners For the Month of March 2006:

Category 1: "P J Rrani" : Shrimati/Kumari. Navdha Dhingra
Category 2: "PJ Rraja" : Shrimaan/Kumaran. Shreyas S
Category 3: "Sarcy Rrani" : Shrimati/Kumari. Bhavya G
Category 4: "Sarcy Rraja" : Shrimaan/Kumaran Joshua Muyiwa

The Winners are now officially notified, by his excellency The Convenor, M.Romal, that they will receive their honorary certificates by the end of the month, personally delivered by The Convenor himself.

On receiving their Notifications of being chosen as winners, here are their replies : )

Bhavya G (Winner in Category 3):
" Thank you so much... so unexpected, dont even have a speech ready... Hmmm... i would like to thank ma parents for havin me, all ma friends for beleivin in me, Romal, ( qui est moi! ) for having an award like this, Phani ma.... constant source of support ( phew! ) with whom i was always at my sarcastic best... Congrats to the other winners of the other categories... to my source of motivation, Ms. Sheena, beacuse of whom i knew what competition is... ah... im so overwhelmed i really cant think now... ah.. Thank You All.. Love You!! "

Navdha Dhingra (Winner in Category 1):
" On this asspeesious occasion, i would like to thank my fellow mates who've been my inspiration throughout and without whom my PJ's wouldnt be possible, i would thank Bhavya and Romal ( il est moi aussi! ) specially! SOB! I Love You Guys !!... Not forgetting the entire PJEng fraternity... here's to all the sprouted and not so sprouted.. err.. things, Golf Balls, Bones and Knees, Whiskers ( and other body parts) and other animate and inanimate objects that inspired me.. Cheers!! "

Shreyas S (Winner in Category 2):
" Oooh... I dunno what to say, i would like to thank my mom, who has stood by me through all the good and bad jokes. I would like to thank the Jury ( qui est moi, aussi! ) whose utter joblessness will be the butt of my future jokes... Love You Alll... Muah! "

Well you can be part of this list of honorary awardees.. all YOU have to do is behave in the most outrageously or fabuliciously PJ or Sarcy manner, the next time you see our Jury walking around, Its THAT simple!! and who knows you could be on this list next time... Just like that Voila! Your the winner !!! Easy Huh.. !! so pass the word around.. and help us in this noble yet feeble endeavour : )


If you would like to contribute , monetarily or creatively to the noble cause please mail the above email id or mail our convenor at ... We would also like you to send in nominations or similar award categories, which you think will Honour these brave young people : )