Monday, January 28, 2008

Daboo Ratnani's January ;)

Joy to the world!

Just when I was about to give up, and say to hell with all these jerks, who consider themselves special, and different comme moiself, I found joy!

True love exists even within gay communities, and even though I know that it was always the case, the scenario in this freakin’ confused metropolis has befuddled me over and again.
So finally when I came across a brilliantly portrayed relationship, in a movie, it sure came as a happy reminder that hope still existed. I could wait and maybe, I would still find the perfect one.

The Adventures of Felix [Drole de Felix], was a chance treasure-find that I quite unassumingly came across at that hub of piracy also known as the Two-DVD-Stores at Commercial Plaza (Guess where?). These guys stock the best of DVD’s and well they are affordable. The prints are brilliant, coz’ these are copies of well… originals (Ironic!).
I am not one for being staunch against piracy, nor am I completely for it.
I would lash out at someone buying a pirated copy of a film that’s available quite easily as discount originals at any DVD store for anything below Rs. 60. But I hold back my argument when someone decides to buy a pirated DVD for say Rs. 70, when the original is priced at nothing below Rs. 599. As always argued, piracy is subjective and to uphold or detest is something that should remain personal. Governments intervening and holding laws defining what piracy is... seem utterly stupid.

The film however was amazing, and I feel no guilt for buying it off the store in that damned hub of such morally obscene ethics (Har! Har!). It followed a few days in the lives of an Arab hottie (Sami Bouajila) who is in a relationship with a teacher [Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! My ONLY dream :(]. He (La Arabe) works as a foreman (Ship) and has just quit his job. He plans on going to Marseilles to find his dad, whom he has never met. Brought up by his single-parent mum, the boy has all the qualities that make a gay boy that much more adorable. His partner (the teacher - Pierre Loup-Rajot) is a Caucasian boy, who doesn’t do much other than lip-lock the Arab hottie, several times during the movie (Grrrrrr!). So said Arab hottie plans out his trip and books a ticket to Marseilles for his boy-firend so that they’d both arrive a la Marseille on the same day, and the he sets out on a five day trip from Normandy walking and hitching a ride wherever he can.

The movie follows his amazing journey through the French country, where he meets the most gorgeous of people, and gets involved in what I can only refer to as the mystery and the grace of our human existence that has often been referred to as ‘mankind’.

I will not be a spoiler and tell you what happens, but the kisses and embraces that dot the film are just too beautiful to miss. The meeting of the two lovers at Marseille actually brought tears to my eyes, coz’ the most beautiful moments of love are often the most simplest. This film personifies ‘love’ as most of the international gay community perceives the beautiful emotion: Free, un-judgmental, unquestioning, and not in the least bit possessive. It’s not anywhere close to how I perceive the divine emotion, but their view is equally beautiful all the same. At the end of the day it’s just about True love… and everyone knows that ultimately…

Love rules all!

Dekhteen Hain Negaahaen Tujhe Iss Kadar….
Khoobsurat Hain Tu…
Iss Kadar…

Oh… Raanjhaa Sang Raen’na…
Oh… Dukh Sukh Saen’na…

The movie was released in 2000, from co-directors Oliver Ducastel and Jacques Martineau, who are in love, and share their lives together (who is surprised!)