Thursday, July 19, 2007


At last I’m inductioned or rather ‘WE’ are inductioned.

[The ‘WE’ being Preeti Kriplani (Preethsee aka. Chennai Girl), Babushka Chauhan (Babu aka. Babsee), Chaitra S Prasad (Citra aka. Padma), Reynah D'Lima (Reyn aka. Rayna City) and Me (Sveetu)]

Yesterday night at NYX was one helluva surprise… I danced!
And like that’s not enough…
I DID not feel out of place…
Weird huh?

But Preetis Madness and Chaitras Checkchee moves stole the show…
And Babu Girl… YOU HAVE quite AN ARSE!

I’m however regretting the coming Saturday when Viggu (aka. Vighnaraj) will be leaving us for good :(

We are indeed – BUZZ THAT WORK (s)

Thanks @sam, @anish, @ashwin, @pradeep, @naveen, @viggu and @lenny and everyone else…