Monday, July 16, 2007

Like the shadow, you are.


A poet you are in the making annan...

Like the shadow, you are.
Follow me, my dear.

The past has been disastrous,
your hopes were so lustrous,
but never fulfilled.

Pain is in the passing,
sorrow seems outlasting,
above certainity.

Forgive thy opressor his folly,
it can only give you worry,
without recourse.

As the present leaves you scorched,
you can still hold onto the torch,
of perseverance.

Melodies bubble forth from the fountain,
breathtaking views beyond that mountain,
just abide.

...a picture can speak a thousand words...

jhumm why?

sometimes... Life can be so suprising!

who would
ever have guessed that one day...
L Romal M Singh, a boy who grew up in Kotagiri...
would One day be in Bangalore and know an RJ so well...
that while the whole city listened to him ON AIR...
i would message him and be replied PERSONALLY!
and be Jhummed...
i didnt!

Thanks Ashwin... Li'l things like these make my day!

stupid things can give you Jhumm...
this Being One.

keep heart my love, days like these do come
'we' need you, more than you'll never need 'us'
you're that type... what to do...
love you.

i like this poster... so...