Monday, April 30, 2007

The Ooty Journal...Never Completed! :(

Part Two of Our trip to The Nilgiris... Was supposed to be completed long ago...
I never got down to doing it... So here's what i could manage to write... :)

DAY 2, The 18th of April, 2006, Tuesday.

I wake up, unable to stand the noise Ebbie’s mobiles making. It’s one of those weird new, Nokia ones (avec Camera et al.), and the Alarms Ghastly!! It woke me up anyways, so it must be amazingly disturbing (har har har!). Its 6am. So, I’ve missed both Deepti’s and my alarm (only god knows how, hers is equally ghastly). It’s just about sunrise, so I quickly awaken. Deepti, and me, both run out to watch the Sun-rise. Blankets draped all over us, un-brushed teeth, we delve into this thick blanket of mist all around us. Heavenly!! I get to see that the ledge didn’t give way to the lake, rather overlooked the road we used to come to Avalaanchee. It’s terribly cold, and so, Deepti and I make a quick dash in.

I decide on not having a bath. Just had one yester-night, and so quickly wash up. While Deepti’s having her wash, I plan on taking a stroll outside, now that I’m in my Black Jersey. Uncle’s awake, and well, it was a pleasure to see a man, so well dressed in a white lungi. I was all eyes I must say. I must say I admit that all men who are shaven, tall and can carry a white lungi with panache are like Gods to me ;)! Well Uncle soon went in, and Deepti was out, so we dragged poor Ebbie out of bed. Come on, it was day one; I couldn’t let them miss an amazing morning, lying in bed like that.

Ebbie was soon up, and I must admit again (well this shall be my admitting entry!), that he looked so cuddle-able with his morning wake-up face. Of course the out and out winner for cutest sleeping face is Phanindra. God… he looks so fragile and baby-ish when he’s asleep, couldn’t help wishing I had been his Nanny, the first time I saw him like that… Aaaawww!

Anyway, so Ebbie’s up, and Morning Tea has also been served. We look around the house, no sign of Aunty and Uncle, and their bedroom door is shut (didn’t have the heart to disturb Aunty), so we ‘Slopped’ down our Tea, and went outdoors.

We walked down the grassy pathway, climbed down some mud-steps adjacent to a small down-flowing stream, and we were on the road. The mist hadn’t cleared as yet, and as we walked down the bend in the road, around the hill, we soon lost sight of the cottage. The road, was really well-made, and was covered with Thick Shola (from ‘Solai’ meaning forest in Tamizh), on one side and wattle thickets on the other side. At the end of the curve we came to a bridge, which ran over a larger fast-flowing stream that ran into the Avalaanchee Reservoir. The sound was deafening, we had heard it from the curve, and well it had aroused my curiosity. I was kind off disappointed to see a stream, as I had expected a waterfall.

The stream was however really beautiful, I mean I just died my fifth death looking at all that water rush down that stream… flow beneath us, and flow into the reservoir. Ebbie fishes out his camera phone (Yess! He has one! Damn Stereotypical Gizmo Freak Boy…lol!) and…well… clicks some of the best snaps I’ve ever seen, the colours come out so beautifully, remember its really early in the morning and everything’s still covered in dew. I pictured myself as Wordsworth walking down a dew strewn path in some foreign land… a pen and some paper in hand… trying to quickly write down in what seems like a million words, all what I see around me… Writing is tough! Har Har! (I know he didn’t walk around with the paper and pen, but I pictured it like that [What do I do?]).

Dying to now ‘Explore’ Further, we move on, the ‘Awesome Threesome’ (Ess! That means Ebbie [The Hunk], Deepti [The Babe], and Romal [The Geek] qui est moi aussi!), start proceeding further down the road. Unawares of what lies round the corner, we walk into something as vague as oblivion… lol! Ok back to my narrative…

We see a road on the left that climbs into a thicket, and disappears, Ebbie asks us if we should go up... I, being the ‘Guide’ (Har Har!)… Decide on letting my decision prevail, so we head down the road… I’m dead bent on going to the reservoir, so we reach a ‘Pretty’ forest check post log, that runs right across the road, with signs on both side put up by The Tamizh Naad Forest Ministry (I think), one goes ‘Echcherikkai’ [Caution] and the other informing us that we were entering Forest area [Paathugaapuh Vann Pagutheeh]. I have no Idea why I loved the whole feeling of being in Tamizh Naad all over again (I Guess it was the joy of being formally warned in Tamizh?). On both sides of the road were typical Nilgiri Houses, with White walls and brown Tiled roofs… it brought back several memories of my childhood in Kotagiri (The Town I grew up in, on the other end of the Nilgiris)… Our House overlooked a valley called Krishnapudoor that had several such houses.

The house on the right was lower than the road and was adjacent to an ‘Orchidarium’ (In Nilgiris?). I obviously wasn’t very interested… because I quite vehemently believed that Orchids went with the North-East NOT the Nilgiris, and so I moved on, crossing the check post and crossing a path that led lower down into what I thought would have been a valley, on our right (it didn’t look very pleasing strewn with garbage [Humans inhabit the house next to the orchidarium, I realised… sigh!], and ‘fresh’ cow-dung cakes), so we ignore the road (Ahem… Path…ok… Jungle trail! Fine!), and follow the ‘propaah’ road, for a few metres, when we realise we don’t even know where we’re going… Ebbie dorling, (all sleepiness now Kaanam!) asks both of us what we were planning, so we quickly decide like we knew all along that we wanted to take the obscure Jungle Trail (Enough!).

Jungle Trail here we come! Oooh… was that interesting, as we tried walking avoiding 1)Garbage, 2) ‘Morning Produce- Fresh’ Cow Dung, and 3) Wet Dew-smothered Grass… well, Obviously we couldn’t avoid all three so we ended up destroying several patches of untouched picture perfect dew-strewn grass (The Pains of being a humongous Human!). Pine Cones, were scattered all around the place, and well there couldn’t have been more excitement on each of our faces… it only got better after that!

The ‘Dirh-tihhy’ ok… JUNGLE TRAIL! Ended in a few minutes not before I gave out at least ten exclamations of how beautiful the view seemed further… Ebbie just smiled (Male Chauvinist!) lol… and we reached a meadow so beautiful I could have screamed. The Meadow was split into two halves by the stream we had seen rushing under the bridge. I ran as fast as I could to the nearest clearing, Deepti soon caught up… we muttered stupid nothings about how beautiful the place was… all of our praises did not even half the justice the place required. Beauty was everywhere… I looked at Ebbie and Deepti and well felt love for both of them unparalleled… They were part of this beautiful moment… a memory that would be etched in my mind and would come to my rescue every time I had a feeling that life was unfair… Thank you, YOU sweethearts, I Love You Ebbie, and Deepti you’re the Prettiest Nut-case I’ve ever met, God blessed me immensely by letting me know you.

Eternity passed by me as I stood on that high bank, and looked at the river flow fast by me, rushing past, almost reminding me of how fast life would end, and only memories like these would matter. My spiritual awakening was beginning, I was on one of my journeys which end in me realising how great our god was.

But being me is hard, and well I couldn’t stop myself from fleeting off into the rest of the Meadow… like a fairy on thimble toes (Ahem!), I ran across the rest of the meadow, trying as much as I could to stay as close as I could to the bank. Ebbie just stared at me, lol! He’d never seen me so active before!

The Stream flowed into a meander, and the speed of the water quite surprisingly almost deadened. I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was almost a miracle of nature that such a fast stream slowed down so fast over just two meanders… I just stared, it was breathtaking… The mist rising on the mountains in front and this stream slowly moving towards its very own death… it was like the stream died as it reincarnated itself in just one second into the mist beyond.

The stream died into the Avalaanchee Reservoir, and I was getting really impatient watching those two Nuts, take forever to reach that spot, I shouted out loud… and they were there in ten seconds… Ebbie clicked the most wonderful picture of the whole journey right then and there. It was a picture of the morning sunlight slowly seeping its way through the mist, reflecting off the calm lake water… Nature had never been more beautiful.

It was freezing cold, being a typical Nilgiri Mist-ridden Morning, and Ebbie wasn’t taking the cold too well, so we figured it might be a good idea, to head back home, as HOT HOT breakfast would be waiting for us.

It was around eight thirty when we arrived home, not before, I spoke to Ebbie and Deepti about Wild Garlic, and its medicinal properties, (I was the official guide now, as I said earlier... ha ha!), all the way back home, and also showed them Moss, something I was so obsessed about…

I would love to continue, but the memories I have of the trip are now vague and scattered, I wish I had had the patience to finish this account when I had initially got down to writing it…
Months have passed and I now prefer to end this account right here.
What I have written will be published, but the rest will remain beautiful memories in the lives of Ebbie, Deepti and Me…
Our lives have changed immensely since I began writing this…
Deepti found love and is now single again…
Ebbie found Reenu and has since completed a successful year in their relationship…
I have gone through the dumps and am back full force once again.

Looking forward to another trip somewhere in the near future, and this time…
DOCUMENTATION will be completed! ;)
P.S; That’s a PROMISE Deepu… :)

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Lol! This was written in Feb, but somehow it's managed to find it's way onto my blog only now... So forgive the delay and yupp... Don't take me too seriously!


Pisces (Feb 20 – Mar 20):
Ey… Fishey fishey fishey fishey… I like Tuna!
Your month ahead is going to be scaly, smelly, sticky and wet. My my, doesn’t that sound familiar now? Oily situations are expected and getting out of the mess you already live in, might just cause suffocation and lead to eventual death. Try to stay with similar minded people, because quite obviously you will ONLY be understood by them. Mind work and things pertaining to the brain should be thoroughly avoided. Stay dormant till your month comes, nobody wants to see you till then anyway. The sun always seems more beautiful from where you see it, but it’s actually a ball of gas, not very unlike you.

Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 20):
You’re a GOAT! Could life get any worse?
Its winter and you’re meant to feed on winter fodder aka DRY grass for the uninitiated, so what’s left to say? Everything’s going to be dry this month so, learn to enjoy from what you’re left with, because it’s only going to get even drier. Pity yourself and stay away from water, food, other humans and generally do good to the whole of humanity by just NOT being present. Aquarians will hate you anyway, because they’re very sure you’ll dry them out too, so what’s the point? Yes, you can ponder over that, while everyone else EXCEPTING YOU scores.

Taurus (Apr 21 – May 20):
I like Beef (not the COW!), and you’re totally beefed up, aren’t you?
You’ve fattened yourself all through the Holiday season and now it’s about time you got slaughtered. You’re long overdue anyway, so what’s all the complaining about? All that fat needs to be used up right? This month is going to be you’re month. Red’s all around, and well you’ll soon end up trying to butt the right target and realise you butted the fire engine instead! You poor confused soul! Moral of the story; don’t go butting your head into everything that’s red. And yes STAY AWAY FROM FIRE! ; It might just turn out to be that ‘fatal’ fire engine.

Gemini (May 21 – June 21):
Believe me you’re GAY! Half of Christ College thinks so anyway!
The month proves very interesting for most Gemenians. Everything’s going to be on the double for you this month. You get punished; an expelling is on its way. You get sick; believe me! It’s about time you got yourself medically insured. And by chance you do get to fall in love, even though chances are EXTREMELY rare, you’re in for loads of trouble. Stay away from anything that comes in Binary’s, which would include EVERYTHING that moves, and if you’re a guy, good riddance, bad luck’s ON you anyway! Aries will make brilliant companions.

Cancer (June 22 – July 23):
You’re named after a disease! Life is interesting huh?
The coming month is STERILE. You will need to decontaminate yourself before you do anything. Make it a point to wash you’re hands, Bad luck’s been known to pass with the touch of the hand, and we don’t want more bad luck in our lives now, do we? Keep away from all you’re loved ones, pets and anything else that can make the situation anymore MALIGNANT. Bathe yourself in Eucalyptus oil, it keeps everything away. That way you’re happy, and so is the rest of the world! You have a tendency to be an ‘unwanted presence’ in most other people’s lives. So stop trying to GROW, I mean, what’s the point?

Leo (July 24 – Aug 23):
The King eventually loses his mane. He goes bald and all because of a horseshoe?
A month of contrasts this will be. The contrasts will be welcome because you won’t be seeing them happen to you, anyway! You will not lose anything that you do not already have, but will lose loads of the stuff you DO have. Relationships will continue to be as boring as they were, and role reversals will occur, only remember you’ll be at the losing end. Jobs can be lost, and so can companions and lives, especially yours. Cutting a long story short, you’re a LOSER all this month, SO GET USED TO IT!

Virgo (Aug 24 – Sept 23):
You might be a virgin but nothing else new is in store for you.
Ok, what’s ‘interesting’ and new and at least kind of ‘interesting’ that the month holds for you? NOTHING!!! Don’t know why I’m even trying to write a horrorscope for you. There is just so much of nothing coming your way that the entire bundle of nothings put together actually might turn out to be something. Tough luck again though; because that something is not going to be worth anything. So what’s the point in you reading this? Nothing, you might as well just look at the next horrorscope. Let’s call it quits huh? That way you’re happy and so am I. AT LEAST you’ll be ‘happy’ then, if NOTHING else!

Libra (Sept 24 – Oct 22):
Neither here, Nor There, Nowhere!
If you were confused all through last month, with insecurities, and dilemmas plaguing you, FRET NOT, things will remain EXACTLY the same, they will not get any worse. It must be easier for you now to accept simple facts in life like there is NO such thing as a correct choice, and no dream will ever come true. If it isn’t, acquaint yourself with such ideologies, for they will be your true companions for a few more years to come. Condition yourself to just laze around and be contented, for action will NOT be word that will figure in your dictionary in the near visible future.

Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 22):
Bichchua, Tu n’es pas Bryan Adams!
Quit playing games with yourself. I agree you’re apparently modelled over our clawey friend, but the claws went out of fashion a really LONG time ago! Get over the notion that you are talented and good-looking, you’re not! At least not during this month sweetheart. Guess why? Because IT’S NOT YOUR MONTH, for heaven’s sake, use that brain! Let them fluidy Aquarians have at least something once in a while, God!
You need to stop taking yourself so seriously, I mean come on! You are a joke anyway!
And just because Bryan Adams was born somewhere around the time you were, that doesn’t mean you can sing. Give it up already!

Sagittarius (Nov 23 – Dec 22):
So you’re part animal, and part man, what’s that got to do with luck or stars or me?
You will as always start the month confused, end it confused, and will be confused all through the rest of it too. Confusion will be the aura that penetrates everything you do, and everything you say. Watch what you say, because very often you might be saying something altogether different, from what you actually meant. You know you speak Greek too right. Have you figured out what your name is and how old you are? Never be too sure, everyone is anyway against you. Turn to your confused within for solace. For innate confusion is the only way out for you.

Capricorn (Dec 23 – Jan 20):
Ha-ha! You’re a year older and your birthday is over, you’re weird!
Like the Tropic of Capricorn, your imaginary linear personification that apparently crosses the earth, YOU will also be, just a concept, in the coming month. Forget you even exist all through this month. I mean, your birthday is over, who needs to know you now? Don’t be surprised if you’re forgotten, ignored or just completely non-existent to most people around you. Come on it’s not our fault you were born between Dec 23 and Jan 20!
You’re problems will not be noticed and so the stars really don’t care! I’m not to be blamed because you chose to be born earlier.

Aquarius (Jan 21 – Feb 19):
Yeah! Your Birthday’s around the corner, I want cake! : )
The month ahead is going to like water, and I know that’s the most cliché Aquarian prediction possible, but do you really mind? Avoid everyone else; including other Aquarians especially the Arians, they’re EVIL! They want to steal your water. I know!
I’m good though, so I deserve cake, my e-mail id is given below, don’t forget about the sweet horrorscope uncle on your birthday ok? Oh yes, the month promises to have large happy events filled with lots of goodies, and cakes. Giving a particular sweet horrorscope uncle some cake will also increase your chances of having a brilliant year ahead.

Veryjeevith Paaniwala and Jaanful Waterboy.

The Kannadiga!

‘The Kannadiga’: A lost cause?

The Kannadiga; a word that triumphs the cause of the Kannada people, the Kannada Language, and the Kannada identity, in its new avatar has been reduced to a mere vote bank gimmick.
The term as most would want to believe, represents ‘The Kannadiga’, or a native of the state of Karnataka, and acts a connotation of the presence of Kannada culture, language and ethnicity in anyone willing to be identified with the term.
A closer look at the term however, reveals a far more intriguing meaning and relevance that have changed over time, along with the state’s changing history…

Karnataka, the homeland to The Kannadiga, is a historically backed cultural concept, as the state is home to many other communities, ethnically diverse from the mainstream Kannadiga, that share little or no relationship at all.
The majority Kannadiga or the Vokkaliga and Lingayat communities occupy the southern, central, and north central, areas of the state. They are the people of the Kannada heartland.
Kodagu or Coorg is home to the Kodavas, and differs completely from the heartland Kannadiga, while Uttar Kannad and Dakshin Kannada districts earlier known as North Canara and South Canara are home to The Tulus and The Konkanis, who are in majority within their respective areas.
Districts such as Belgaum, Gulbarga, Raichur, and Kolar which share borders with neighbouring states also tend to have more lingual tendencies towards the states they border with. Half the population of the state thus does not speak Kannada as their native language… So who is the Kannadiga?

What is ‘The Kannadiga’ culture? What differs a Kannadiga from a Tamizhian, a Malayalee, or an Andhrite?
The other South Indian states can easily differentiate themselves from each other as they have evolved into cultural structures independently based on their respective majority languages. Why hasn’t this happened in Karnataka?
To understand this, one will firstly have to understand ‘The Kannadiga’, its formation, and treat it as an individual subject without a comparison to any other culture.

‘The Kannadiga’, came into being as a nationalistic concept, the nation here being the unified homeland for the Kannadigas, during the freedom struggle. The need for the homeland drove unificationists to create ‘The Kannadiga’; an individual, who irrespective of the language spoken, shared the homeland earlier known as Kannada Naadu.
The movement centred in on the only ‘Kannada’ Kingdom at that time, The Mysore State, situated in the south of Modern Karnataka. The rest of Modern Karnataka was under the three different presidencies of Madras, Bombay and Nizami Hyderabad.
With such an unbiased classification of ‘The Kannadiga’, the movement received widespread support, and a few years after independence, the full fledged state of Karnataka came into being.
Stretching from the Gulbarg-Bidar area in the north, to the Canara coast, now the Konkan Coast, in the south, the new state promised to be a home to ‘The Kannadiga’.
Somewhere down the years however, ‘The Kannadiga’ began to be connected very literally with Kannada, the majority language, spoken in the state, and thus native Kannada speakers became the ‘true’ ethnic population within the state.
This led to a fractured identity of sorts.
Unlike many other Indian states, Karnataka could not afford to be defined by its majority language, and ‘The Kannadiga’ should have never been defined by the language spoken. But that is exactly what happened in the end!

The propaganda went to the limits of recreating history, Tulu kingdoms became Kannada kingdoms, and a spree of differentiating what was ‘Kannadiga’ from what was not, ultimately led to the complete alienation of all the other ethnic communities from this new particularised ‘Kannadiga’.

‘The Kannadiga’ was now a cultural construct, and the baggage it brought along with its identification, led to a total fracturing of the pre-established concept of ‘The Kannadiga’.
This however benefited a few. Our politicians found a new vote bank, films a new money making idea, and literature a new patriotic theme.
‘The Kannadiga’ was welcomed in its new avatar and made part of our understanding almost effortlessly. Nobody ever dreamt that it was actually a time bomb ticking away, just waiting to explode.

That blow came recently with Belgaum asking for its Marathi identity to be recognised. The demand did not flare up thankfully into anything violent, but there are always possibilities that it will in the future.
The state is existing on a borrowed time of peace, and it’s about time our culturalists, and politicians woke up and mend what went wrong so long ago, failing which, secessionism; something the state should never see, will remain a very predictable doom in the future of this glorious state.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ondu Lovvu Kathe!

I walked into class late again. This was the third time this week… (Damn! Those BMTC buses and Traffic jams all along my route). I took my place way ahead of the rest of the class.

Yupp… I was one of them nerdy front benchers… but it didn’t actually matter cause the prize I was about to get… was way bigger than these small petite nothings.

He walked in, striding like a war hero… My Greek god impersonation.

My heart skipped a beat as he stood right in front of me, and looked down smiling.
Could I have asked for more…? (Yess! Lots lots more!)

He seated himself on the bench (He never used the chair), and got down…
To taking our attendance. I loved the way he crossed his legs, curtly, yet with all the authority a man would want to show in such a gesture.

The window beside him was open, and amidst his thunderous pulsating voice and sweet bird chirpings emanating from the trees beyond, the light from outside reflected in his eyes…

“Suttum Vizhi Chudar-dhaan Kannamma, Sooriya Chandiraroe?”
(These piercing rays from your eyes my darling, are they of the sun or the moon?)
Bhaarathiyaar (Classic Tamizh Poet)

(Kill me! Bhaarathiyaar… Kill me!)

They twinkled!

I was melting, and didn’t want anyone to notice the warm tears rolling down my cheeks. I turned my head away, for I couldn’t take anymore of his fatal ethereal beauty.
This beauty was something I believed I saw alone. His every movement stirred passions so strong in me, that I wished I could have screamed aloud almost in orgasm.

He was my personal Jesus Christ.

It all began a year ago…

I was still an unbeliever in love, and ridiculed most of my friends who were in love, to limits that sometimes tore the poor couple apart (I was not to be blamed, nor was I guilty, for a couple in love who can break away over some mild incessant teasing, is no couple at all!).

My life was all happy and peaceful…
And then one fine day, when I wasn’t even prepared… He came into my life.
He barged into it rather!

For heavens sake how was I to know, Men can be so unbearably adorable at times…
I walk into the staff room, like a Rabbit walking into a trap, unaware that I’m dinner… And… There he was…

A man, in every essence of it, yet feminine in some vague un-penetrable sense…


He was EVIL… standing there…smiling at me (He didn’t even know me… God!)… Dressed to kill.

I pictured myself stabbing my own chest over and over again. The twinkle in his eyes, the jagged look (And I thought only men in Hollywood could carry off, Sheesh!)… And the Kurta (Did I mention I have an unfathomable love for Kurtas?)…

I was floored… literally!

I was moist (and I meant in the eyes… You little pervert!), as I walked out of the staff room. I held on to the wall, or I was sure I would have been on the floor any minute then. I felt sick in my stomach, butterflies… more like I was going to puke.

Things only got worse…,

He soon began invading my only left stronghold and refuge; my class.

And began teaching us!

Teaching? (Yes! You heard me damn right...! Teaching!).

My classes became nightmares, I couldn’t face the abomination. I would turn my face away almost like I was protecting myself from some evil gaze… waiting to burn me up from inside…
It was terrible!

It went on for weeks; I wouldn’t look him in the eyes. I would talk to him only looking down at his feet, if I had to (I gave up on the idea lest he misunderstood, I was checking out something else… Ahem!), but later shifted to his ‘hairy’ (Very kink... Only on him!) chest to be on the safer side.

The occasional glances I threw at him, when he was at a ‘formidable’ distance, made me go weak in the knees.

It was wrong for God to do this to me during such unforgiving times.

Ah! Me… the sacrificing martyr… so ripe an age… just perfect for love…

But I had to keep my distance for both our sakes (Sacrificing… yadda yadda…)!
Heaven forbid anyone found out about this crush of mine… insanely driven by passion.
The more I avoided him, the more I was confronted…
And then… that day… that unfortunately exceedingly beautiful day…
He flirted with me so outrageously that I gave up on trying to ignore him…

My fondness grew… and grows still…

It’s been a year now… he still teaches us, and today he’s in one of those deliciously fruity orange Kurtas. I cant seem to keep my eyes off him… and even if I close them, his voice would anyway distract me… as thoroughly as humanly possible.

I’ve always wondered how he seems to carry his droopy bedroom voice all through the day (It sounds even more luscious when he’s got a cold… I turn drool-pot then!).

I stare at the blankness on the wall dreaming of things that cannot be discussed here (Ahem!).
And even if I did try, I’d be treading on treacherous paths, un-treaded by any writer before.

I can feel something burn on my neck and so I wake up with a jolt, to the amusement of much of the class.

He is staring at me, looking at me with those brilliant eyes, almost inquiring, on how I managed to put myself to sleep during his class…

I look back as sullen faced as a character from Ramanand Sagar’s ‘Ramayana’… begging him for mercy, to be forgiven but once, for it shall not be repeated…

And in his typically magical sense of irrational responses he looks at me…

A smile slowly curving at his lips…

And he winks at me…

I shudder…

Not that I was taken aback… but at the sheer un-timeliness of the flirtatious behaviour…

My heart did skip a beat, and my mind tried to make sense of the whole happening…
But it was best left at just that…

I had received my quota of his attention, and the wink would drive me on till his next class… “That will do for now, that will do…” I remind myself…

Lets see what he has in store for me next time…

And I’m keeping my fingers crossed… that it somehow involves lips in the plural…
(Yess… Naughty, Naughty Me!)