Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Samir Soni(ed) alright!

I’ve spoken to him and we chatted all night – and then I was convinced that straight men can be the sweetest things on earth and I’m not kidding!

Let me start where it all began. So I was supposed to get a few interviews with ‘cool’ Mumbai celebs for the DNA Bangalore launch in December. I did eventually speak to almost everyone on my ever-increasing celeb list and most of them were just the normal boring – “I’m doing this film with that director opposite this guy/girl and it promises to be a very new film, very new storyline, never before attempted screenplay…” and all the rest of that hyperbole that we’re all so used to.
But then my eyes fell on this one particular number, a number of someone I was so into and I decided it was time to call. I called and he picked up. The initial formalities over, I got down to business, interviewing him. What I wasn’t expecting was how he reacted. Over the next two hours we chatted and I mean literally chatted about everything I’d wanted to ever ask him. This was no interview, so much so, it seemed more like two over-enthu film buffs having an extremely animated conversation. He was so open about everything, his choice of roles, how playing a gay man felt, the kind of man he’d be attracted to if he was gay and the rest of it…

I will transcribe the interview soon, or at least parts of it that I took down in random notes and scribbles. The interview never got published, because I walked out of DNA in exactly 48 hours post the cool interview, swearing to quit the tainted walls of Journalism forever… but Samir Soni has remained one of the sweetest people I ever interviewed. He even called me later that night to chat and that was just so cool. We spoke on the whole for a good whole 4 hours that day and thus I think I have a right to have a crush on him… A big one at that…

This is one of the amazing portfolio pics he sent me for the article…

Isn’t he just so damn adorable?
Where are men like this, these days?
Has god stopped making them anymore?