Monday, March 16, 2009

கன்றாவி பயலே!

I am angry! Seriously I am, I can’t show it, என் என்றால் I never have been able to, but for the sake of my own sanity, this blogpost is of the necessary right now!

I met this கன்றாவி பயலே long ago, six months to be exact and I fell for him. We became good friends and started singing இளையராஜா பாடல்கள் quite early. Now for a ஜுஜுபி like me, singing all these இனிமையான பாடல்கள்'s is equate to ಲೌ…
I am thinking for him also same to same…
But here’s where it all goes ಬೇಜಾರ್!
Apparently his கணவர் ditched him long times ago and left him a ദേവദാസന്‍. Now that is not my fault. My இனிய காதலன் also did that at least 4 years ago after one സുഖമാന 3 year ళౌ! But I got over it, he didn’t and this is six years after his.
Fine! All that is ok, but so much confusion ಯಾಕೆ?

He says he loves me one week ago, and now he says I have never been the one. I knew that from before wonly. And I always kept distance. But after sharing cot and firsht night like scenario with him, of course little more needs will come no?
Maybe I am too தமிழன் and all these friend with benefits – கூட்டாளி type emotions I cannot grasp… but for that I must get this type reaction ಆ?
Anyway, to close it all… For the సమాప్తం of this decade… I decide to give myself more भाव. He may be cute and he may know all my favourite songs and he may be தமிழ், but that doesn’t mean he is my only வசீகரன். I will find one more ಮನ್ಮಧಾ soon and this time I hope my आशिक stays with me என்றென்றும்!