Tuesday, July 31, 2007

How to become a Vampire... Lol! ;)

@raoul, my loouvve, may your dreams come true.
Here's something you might want to sink your (hopefully soon) vampire fangs into...

Nine Easy Steps on 'How to become a Vampire':

Vampirism, or the practice of drinking human blood, dates all the way back to ancient Greece (even earlier, by some accounts). If you wish to become a bloodsucker, here are some easy steps to help you on your path to vampirism:

Step 1: Find another vampire and let him or her bite you. Employ the swiftest, easiest and most painful method.

Step 2: Become an evildoer and die in a state of sin. Note, however, that this technique (which comes from France and Greece) is not very plausible; there would be millions of beasts roaming the streets as we speak.

Step 3: Have an undead person gaze at your pregnant wife or yourself, if you happen to be expecting. Employing this method will not help you change into a vampire, but it may change your unborn into one.

Step 4: Chronically lie to your parents or die without being baptized. (Note that these ways can't be very credible either.)

Step 5: Instruct your father to scream this at you in anger: "May the ground reject thee!" Having yourself cursed in this or another way by your parents could turn you into a fanged one after death.

Step 6: Gobble up a sheep that was killed by a wolf and eventually, you'll become a bloodsucker.

Step 7: Travel back in time to the Greece of several centuries ago, where people who were excommunicated from the church were considered good vampire candidates.

Step 8: Come down with chorea (a disease associated with uncontrolled twitching).

Step 9: Ask your descendants to make a cat leap over your body when you've reached the hereafter.

P.S., Remember not to smile too much once you've undergone your transformation. Be certain the unwitting aren't forewarned by your fangs.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Is being Christian and being Gay - A Sin?

@You who is lost and needs reconciliation

Is it possible to be a Christian and also be gay? Though some people feel that it's problematic, many others believe that the Christian religion does not necessarily prohibit or condemn being gay or lesbian. If you're trying to reconcile your beliefs with your orientation, the following ideas may help.

Step 1
Know that God wants to be in relationship with everyone, according to the Bible. That means that even if you have turned away or denied God, your creator wants you back.

Step 2
Understand that Christians have a range of beliefs about the Bible and many other issues, as well as about homosexuality. For example, fundamentalists believe that every word in the Bible is from God and that it contains no mistakes, but many other Christians believe that the Bible was written by people who sometimes made mistakes.

Step 3
Look for condemnations of gays and lesbians by Jesus, and you'll find that he never spoke about the issue - or if he did, it wasn't recorded.

Step 4
Read Ezekiel 16:48-50 for one view of how to interpret the story of Sodom. This passage says that the "sin of Sodom" was that its citizens were prideful and had a lot of food but did not help the needy.

Step 5
Count the number of verses in the Bible that you think condemn homosexuality, and you'll find that they're a very small part of the Bible. Some people think that if God condemned gays and lesbians, the Bible would be clearer about it.

Step 6
Notice that some verses may condemn certain sex acts, but they never explicitly condemn being gay or lesbian. Some people believe that these verses were meant only to condemn certain people who were doing the wrong things, in the wrong places and at the wrong times.

Step 7
Keep in mind that eating shellfish and handling pigskin are prohibited in Leviticus 18, the same chapter that says it's wrong for men to "lie with men." Taken to an extreme, a literal belief in this chapter could mean that it's an abomination, punishable by death, to play football or eat shrimp.

Step 8
Listen to the words of Jesus in John 3:16. He says that whosoever believes in him will have life everlasting, and many of the Bible stories about Jesus suggest that he never intended anyone to be excluded from "whosoever."

Step 9
Continue to explore the Christian faith by visiting a gay-friendly or gay-led church. These churches may help you think through your questions about being a gay Christian.

Tips & Warnings

Read everything you can on the topic, but try not to forget that people's ideas are often influenced by their agenda - the hidden ideas that they are trying to push. Accept only the ideas that make sense to you, whether the person who presents them is on your side or not.

Don't try to debate the Bible with someone who believes homosexuality is wrong. You will frustrate yourself, and you probably won't convince the other person of anything; deep-seated beliefs can be extremely hard to change

If you do get into discussions about the Bible, you may want to be familiar with the following verses, which are sometimes used to argue that Christianity prohibits being gay or lesbian: Genesis 18:16-19:29 (the story of Sodom); Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13 (Levitical laws); Romans 1:18-32 (abandoning natural relations); I Corinthians 6:9-10 (those who will inherit the dominion of God).

"Be proud of how god made YOU, for you were made in his image."

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Rains...

It’s often so lovely to meet a friend after a really long time…

To feel that immense happiness and that warmth within that tells you you’ve missed that person…
That gut-wrenching feeling you know when you ought to leave…
That smile you get when you look in apprehension…
That feeling of enveloping warmness that surrounds you while you’re there with that person…
Those memories that come out of nowhere and you laugh…
Those unsaid jokes and unexpressed feelings all understood…
That sense of belongingness and possession that no other relationship can ever promise…
And that constant assurance that you know this person will be there for you… forever!

The Rains do things to people, and this is something I really love it for…
It reminds you of friends…

Thank you…

Each one of you’ll special people who’ve come into my life and shared more than I could have ever asked for… making this life… finally… worth living!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


He’s Left…

and with him so have all my hopes…
he came into my life three years ago…
i remember thinking – can anyone ever look so cute – the first time I saw him…
the whole of first year we hardly spoke…
except towards the end when I suddenly realized he was special.

with year 2 we became closer…
we hung around together…
saw more of each other every day…
all my friends loved him…
so did my mother…
i loved him too.

we worked together…
travelled on those cold nights together…
wished for better futures together…
sat in class together…
shared our common interests together…
we were meant to be together.

yes, we had our horrible days…
days I didn’t want to even see him...
nor he me…
days when I wanted to just drown myself in his muscular arms…
days I wished I could tell him all…
days I wished I was a girl…
days I wished I was Muslim.

we grew so close…
that I understood what he never said…
and he understood my silence…

we were meant to be…I think…
i hope…
i wish…

i still do.

i’ll miss you Peerzaada Syed Abraar…
i’ll always miss you…
i didn’t have the heart to say goodbye…
so forgive me this one last time…


if not anywhere else...
i hope we at least walk the clouds together...
one day!

thanks 4 pics@olly

Monday, July 23, 2007

The Fiennes... Aaaah!

Can men be SO good looking…?

I was watching 'The Avengers' yesterday when i realised i hadn't graced my blog with the Fiennes, so i decided to do so...

These two guys are brothers, and well frankly all I can seem to think off is…
HOW do they keep their hands off each other?
Presenting Ralph Fiennes and his younger brother Joseph Fiennes…
Two of the BEST looking men on earth.

Ralph Fiennes is gorgeous in a very Brit Gentlemanly sort of way…
You’d never expect him to even harm a fly…
But he also can look as evil as it gets…
He’s played every possible role…
From a Secret Agent to The Ministry to Lord Voldemort…
And he’s HOT! As HOT as guys from the British Isles get!

His brother Joseph Fiennes is the personification of every carnal fantasy…
You should see him in this movie called ‘Killing me Softly’ starring opposite Heather Graham

Nobody in the history of cinema has ever seemed more ‘do-able’.
The best looking man I’ve ever set my eyes on…
He is SEXY… Extremely SEXY!

I mean how can god create Two such men in one family?
What happened to Justice and Equality…?

I’ve just learnt to indulge myself in these two men…
And be contented that they exist…
You should try that out too…

Falling in Love...

I heard this song at home yesterday...
and ever since this song
has been at the back of my head...

this song just sparkled several other of my fantasies...
that i've always wanted to express.
So here's to the Song...

The Song makes you believe in falling in love...
as something 'actually' worthit.

I've felt like this so many times...
and this question has been one...
That has often tormented me...

Here's to love...

Goodnight and Go
Imogen Heap

say goodnight and go

skipping beats, blushing cheeks I am struggling
daydreaming, bed scenes in the corner cafe
and then I’m left in bits recovering tectonic tremblings
you get me every time

why d'ya have to be so cute?
it's impossible to ignore you
must you make me laugh so much
it's bad enough we get along so well
say goodnight and go

follow you home, you've got your headphones on and you're dancing
got lucky, beautiful shot you're taking everything off watch the curtains wide open
then you fall in the same routine flicking through the TV relaxed and reclining
and you think you're alone...

why d'ya have to be so cute?
it's impossible to ignore you
must you make me laugh so much
it's bad enough we get along so well
say goodnight and go

one of these days, you'll miss your train and come stay with me
(it's always say goodnight and go)
we'll have drinks and talk about things, any excuse to stay awake with you
you'll sleep here, I'll sleep there, but then the heating may be down again
at my convenience
we'd be good, we'd be great together.

GO (sigh)

why d'ya have to be so cute?
it's impossible to ignore you
must you make me laugh so much
it's bad enough we get along so well
say goodnight and go

say goodnight and go,
why's it always always
goodnight and go
darling not again
goodnight and go

if you do want to listen to the song mail me at elromal@gmail.com.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Touched by an Angel...

Dedicated to my co-lovers… @mishly

koiee sachche khwaab dikhaakar
aankhon mein samaa jaataa hain
yeh rishtaa…
yeh rishtaa kya kehlaata hain?

One look at him, and I was floored…

I often fail to comprehend why god does this to the frail-hearted. First he makes you as ‘succumbing’ as it gets, and then he shows you things that… well… you can’t help but succumb to…
I saw him for the first time, on TV three years ago. Browsing through a ‘Hindi’ channel (something I do so often – it can be counted!), I suddenly saw this ‘encarnacion de l’ange’ walking across my 14” screen, looking so HOT and vulnerable at the same time, that I’m sure I died a thousand deaths in that one moment.
This magical apparition I had just witnessed walking so amorously across a sleepy colourful Rajasthaani town, in a black sherwani, with a light blue linen shirt and a off white linen pant, was the closest thing to an angel I’d ever set my eyes on.

He was beautiful, as beautiful as the male of the human species could get. With eyes, that I just wanted to drown in, lips that invited a willing contender and a gait that far out-passed any gazelle that ever walked this blue planet. He was my angelic incarnate.

My obsession, as I prefer to call it, went only further after I watched the movie. His every move made me sigh, and every word that escaped those luscious lips, made my heart skip a beat. Meenaxi, a tale of three cities – it was called! I have envied Tabassum ever since.
The movie was brilliant, and a complete masterpiece that deserves to be credited as one of India’s best ‘art’ movies. The film buffs however disappointed. To me on the other hand it marked the awakening of the Indian Male.

This heart-stopper heralded the beginning of the new chic Indian Male – a male who didn’t need to be macho, or look macho, but rather made women go weak in their knees with the sheer un-ignorable sensuality in his every ‘adaa’. I’ve always wondered if M F Hussain deliberately casted someone like him, for the role, because of his ethereal looks, or was it sheer coincidence?...
Whatever prompted him to do so; all I’ll say is THANK YOU!

Thank you, for endless nights of beautiful dreams, for an awakening to male sexuality and its prowess at an age that couldn’t have been any riper, and a huge thank you for creating this emotion in millions like me, the world over.

I know I’m one in a million, and I know he became more popular after the much hyped RDB (I hated it!), and completely ignorable Hat-trick. But he’ll always be mine in that special sort of way that comes to each one of us his most dedicated lovers.

Yes… I died another million deaths when I heard from his own lips… yes those very lips I’ve yearned to touch (ah! The misfortune…) that he didn’t swing both ways… but I have hope… He deserves someone like me… a worshipper for life… someone who can prove that ‘male bonding’ can at times achieve the ethereal.

I Love You… Kunnal Kapoor ;)

Thursday, July 19, 2007


At last I’m inductioned or rather ‘WE’ are inductioned.

[The ‘WE’ being Preeti Kriplani (Preethsee aka. Chennai Girl), Babushka Chauhan (Babu aka. Babsee), Chaitra S Prasad (Citra aka. Padma), Reynah D'Lima (Reyn aka. Rayna City) and Me (Sveetu)]

Yesterday night at NYX was one helluva surprise… I danced!
And like that’s not enough…
I DID not feel out of place…
Weird huh?

But Preetis Madness and Chaitras Checkchee moves stole the show…
And Babu Girl… YOU HAVE quite AN ARSE!

I’m however regretting the coming Saturday when Viggu (aka. Vighnaraj) will be leaving us for good :(

We are indeed – BUZZ THAT WORK (s)

Thanks @sam, @anish, @ashwin, @pradeep, @naveen, @viggu and @lenny and everyone else…

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Whatte Filmi Funtoos...

Ochaaru Ochaaru Ochaaru Baavu Gaaru
Evann Oseraen Paathu Kudupaar Benzu Caaru…

Lol! Listening to these lines from the song ‘Dinnam Dinnam Deepavali’ from the Movie Godfather(Varalaaru - Tamil) made me laugh all day….

Ni Dha Pa Ma Pa Ma Pa… (Swara Recitation)
Neen Dhaan Paa… (Tamil for It’s you only da!)

Sometimes the simplest of lines can give you jhumm for hours at a stretch…
Why the Telegu obsession with Tamil songs… NO clue!
But it’s been around…
What with…

Raa Raa Sarasu Ku Raa Raa…

And Ippudu Chudu’s in every Tamil film post Chandramukhi….
Is Goltiness is taking over Katpaadiness (?)

Why all the fair girls are suddenly Andhra items in Tamil films and Malayali Items in Telegu films, or why ghosts are all from the other state in every single remake of Manachitrataazhuh (read. Chandramukhi to the uninitiated Malayalee few) are question which will remain unanswered for now…

How bouts back in Namma Sandalwood…Uppi Daadaa now decides to do one more (where ‘were’ the others?) Golti Flick… Toss it seems, name is….

While in Kollywood (where Naav Funny Gaaru is going…), is all pepped up with Fultoos Karan Johar type films - complete with Cutey Baays and Gerls (Read Unnaley Unnaley).

Is there hope?
Yes there is…

At least I think Dashaavataaram and Meera, Madhava, Raghava are something I can look forward to…

Let’s Hope!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

JPEng Kii Kahaani Meri Zubaani

@Hey Bhaggu (aka. Ritu... Thanks for this lovely work...)

JPEng Kii Kahaani Meri Zubaani

Yeh Degree Bhi Leylo Yeh Naukri Bhi Lelo
Bhaley Chheen Lo Mujhse USA Ka VISA
Magar Mujhko Lautaa Do College Ka Canteen
Voh Chaai Ka Paani Voh Pyaaz Ka Samosaa

Kadi Dhoop Mein Apne Ghar Se Nikalnaa
9 Baje Ki Class Mein Late Aana
Aur Phir Traffic Ka Bahaana Banaanaa
Voh Project Ki Khatir Shehar Bhar Bhataknaa
Voh Lecture Mein Doston Ki Proxy Lagaanaa
Voh Sir Ko Chidhanaa, Voh Aeroplane Udaanaa
Blackboard Mein Na Jaane Kya-Kya Likhna - Aur Usae Na Mitaanaa

Voh Submission Ki Raaton Ko Jaagnaa-Jagaanaa
Voh Assignment Ki Kahaani, Voh Practical Ka Kissaa
Bimaari Ka Reason De Ke Time Badhanaa
Voh Doosron Ke Assignments Ko Apnaa Banaanaa
Voh Seminar Ke Din Koenae Mein Baithkar Mobile Se Khelna
Yaan Ek Doh Jhapki(Neend)Maar Lena
Voh Darpan Mein Din Raat Pasinaa Bahanaa
Jo Aadho Ke Kaam Na Aana

Voh Exam Ke Din Ka Bechaen Maahaul
Library Mein Jaate He Ghantiyaan Bajnaa
Phir Library Chod Bahar Aake Last Moment Mein
Ek Dusrae Ko Nayee Topic Chedkar Daraana
Raat Bhar Ek Dusrae Ko Yehi Kehna Ki "I Just Started... Lots To Do"
Par Voh maa Ki Vishwaas - Teacher Ka Bharosaa
Voh Exams Ke Aakhri Din Theatre Mein Jaanaa

Voh Paedon Ke Neeche - Island Mein Gappe Ladaanaa
Voh Narru Sir Ko Discussion Ke Bahaane Se Birds Park Le Jaana
Voh Raaton Mein Practical Record Banaanaa
Voh 'Bhole' Se Freshers Ko Hamesha Sataanaa
Without Any Reason Mass Bunk Karnaa Aur Phir Daant Khaana
Test Ke Waqt Idhar-Udhar Jhaankna Aur Phir copy Karna
Isii Tarah Teachers Ko Sataana-Rulaana

College Ke Bahar Ki Sabse Puraani Nishaanee
Vo Chaai-Bajji Ki 'Shine-si' Dukaan
Voh Baarish Mein Bheegte Huae Ek
Chaai Meethee - Aur Bajji, Ka Mazaa Uthaana
Voh Bhool Se Record Mein Galtiyaan Karna
Voh Dekhte Hi Uska Bhadakna-Chilaana
Voh Chehre Ki Laali, Voh Aankhon Ka Gussaa

College Ki Voh Saari Lambiisii Raatein
Voh Doston Se Kiosk-Ivy Mein Pyaari Si Baatein
Voh Sweat-Shirt Ka Discussion Jisme Ladnaa Jhagadnaa
Voh Ladkiyon Ka Yuheen Hamesha Akadnaa
Bhulaaye Nahin Bhool Sakta Hain Koiee
Voh College, Voh Baatein, Voh Sharaaratein, Voh Javaani
Kaash Hum Phir Dohra Sakte Kahaani
Vo Kaagaz Ki Kashti, Voh Baarish Ka Paani

...wish those days would come back once again *sigh*...

Monday, July 16, 2007

Like the shadow, you are.


A poet you are in the making annan...

Like the shadow, you are.
Follow me, my dear.

The past has been disastrous,
your hopes were so lustrous,
but never fulfilled.

Pain is in the passing,
sorrow seems outlasting,
above certainity.

Forgive thy opressor his folly,
it can only give you worry,
without recourse.

As the present leaves you scorched,
you can still hold onto the torch,
of perseverance.

Melodies bubble forth from the fountain,
breathtaking views beyond that mountain,
just abide.

...a picture can speak a thousand words...

jhumm why?

sometimes... Life can be so suprising!

who would
ever have guessed that one day...
L Romal M Singh, a boy who grew up in Kotagiri...
would One day be in Bangalore and know an RJ so well...
that while the whole city listened to him ON AIR...
i would message him and be replied PERSONALLY!
and be Jhummed...
i didnt!

Thanks Ashwin... Li'l things like these make my day!

stupid things can give you Jhumm...
this Being One.

keep heart my love, days like these do come
'we' need you, more than you'll never need 'us'
you're that type... what to do...
love you.

i like this poster... so...

Sunday, July 15, 2007

holiday... :(

the Holiday that i wish never ended...

Holidays as Memories Beckon...
Ah! I wish i could take one...
However short!

holidays are never meant to end (so says me!) *sigh* I wish!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Beauty... 2 Me!

Is it just me? Or is it any guy who is like me…?
I look at him, and only think…
Can a MAN be so beautiful?
And why?

Only because the moment I first set eyes on that pretty face…
I was caught!
I am a fan for life…
Of his face?!

Could it get any cornier?

Yet! I’m not ashamed…
Such men are made to appreciate…
To adore…
To drool over… Ahem!

Cuteness is the way of the world!

(Yes, Ramya is Beautiful too, but Diganth is BEAUTIFUL *sigh* )

Friday, July 13, 2007

Horizon ever?

...my sorrows never end, i seek closure...

why cant I?
why cant I be the one?
why cant I be the one for you?

always make me feel special
and then make me feel useless
it comes so easy to you
it’s not even meant anymore!

why her?
why her instead of me?

... even small joys make a world of difference...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

At last... Change...

To meet someone you’ve never met in ages (well… it feels like that), and to then realize that we separated because of something as stupid as faulty… (Rather NO) communication… makes me wonder what drives us to make relationships and the give them up so easily.

Thank YOU for coming back into my life… I totally adore your presence and cherish every moment spent with you…

Life indeed suddenly has meaning…

Why? Other things need to ‘not’ work out when other things do, is something that will always remain a mystery to me… I guess it’s what they call ‘Fates Equilibrium’. (If there is something like that?)

Happiness in general however has returned and is here to stay…
Or at least I HOPE!

The Origin of the Tamizh Script...

The Amisha Patel PETA Poster...
It does Get the Point Across...

The Dancer...

Painted faces
mask the real you,

Smiles leave traces
of impressions untrue.

The mirror shows you
what you want to see;

Reflections of the past
Just won't let you be...

Painted faces
to mask the real You,

Performance, applause, deception,
Monotony, anew.

Thanks @ Sobriquet

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Desolation Impending...

Some days are just meant to be boring, or interesting to a limit, that interests just for that one brief moment and leaves you bored all day long! Today is one of those days… :(I did have an amazing Veg Thaali, at a newly discovered Maa Manasa (ha! Joys of remembrance!) – A lovely cute little Bengali Joint a few meters from office.
Came to office on time… and did a few copy(s), but otherwise I’m bored… extremely bored… Woke up in love (Not some groce physical representation of it… rather a more cuter – ah! The pleasures of love feeling!), and then got ready really fast.

I miss you!

You being in town, and me not meeting you, knowing fully well you leave day after…
You leaving town every now and then to meet more important people in Hyd…
You in town but too busy with work, only finding time (that too occasionally) for your girlie and drinking buddies (smoking too!)…
You at work, hating it, and calling me to talk (once in a while), but never meeting me ‘cause your fathers in town…
You at work, and regretting knowing me right now, I’ll always love you though…
You who came into my life, we share so much in common, excepting regular conversations…
And You, who swept me off my feet at hi! And never said much beyond that…

God Bless You’ll!
I hope I will be there for you when you need me!

Monday, July 09, 2007

I Miss You! :(

Running late to office, i jumped into quite a 'Hep' bus, and as i setteled down full Jhumm happens (Thanks be to Aishu Kannan for that word :)... Nothing describes the feeling better!. 'Jeenaa tere liye...' that irritably lovable song from DUM (a hindi movie with Dia Mirza and Viveik Oberoi), starts playing, and i was drawn into a whole plethora of emotions, tears welled, while i felt like laughing out extremely loud...

Manasa i miss you so much... Wish we got to spend more time together... You're now far away in Hyderabad, and your absence is felt every minute... :(

I still remember that day, when you came up to me and asked me to join you in a duet for the CSA performance at that Cancer place...
Practices ensued, where i couldn't ever get my 'Oooooo...ooo..ooo' right, and the amount of times we tried singing that part, so that i wouldn't go wrong...
I eventually managed to sing it right, didn't i?
I still can, and am proud i still have what you've taught me...

'Kyaa Se Kyaa Hone Lagaa Hain...
Haan Re Haan Hone Lagaa tho Hain...
Dil Mera Khone Lagaa Hain...
Haan Re Haan Khone Lagaa tho Hain...
Tere Liye!

I miss you :(

Journeys Never End...

Well he’s back! ;)
And Deepu got through CIEFL, congratsaya!
Happy Birthday Madhavi!

My Haiku Obsessions :(Thanks be to William Warriner)


heard his voice, again
and I couldn’t ask for more
he’s back; i’m happy!


a girl called Reynah
in office everyday, she
talks incessantly.


by the vanishing
quantities of quality
i am now pursued.

(C) Puhal

@The Wise Man

the wise one teaches
without words; i follow his
unwritten rulebook

thus it is unwritten:
never shall be heard
a negative word.

the wise one is most
subtle. i think his thoughts, and
think they are my own.

truly the wise one
is creative: he invents
his own statistics

(C) William Warriner.

Birthday Jollies!

To all those it may concern,
My birthday is the come, so instead of wrecking your brains on what to gift me, here’s a list of what I would surely like and appreciate in order of my priorities… Ahem!

#1) Kurtaas (Long/Short), preferably from ‘FabIndia’ or ‘Namma Maney’. S: 38/40
#2) Indian made Chappals, of any sort (Jute preferred). S: 8
#3) Jholas or Indian Bags, any sort, any colour, NOT BRANDED!
#4) An iPOD/ Mini MP3 Player
#5) A Digicam
#6) An Internet Connection.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

I was one of the few people (if 500 was ever a few) people to catch Artists Unlimited at their maiden performance at The Christ College Auditorium, on Saturday evening :). Artists Unlimited are a performing Band/Choir/Vocal Group based out of Delhi, who support The Naaz Foundation, an NGO working with AIDS and HIV affected people all across the country. The program started a little late, but then which program in Namma Bengalooru scheduled for any time before 9pm starts on time?

Anyway, the vocals seemed brilliant and the whole event was worth-it save a few glitches that… well… everyone from North India often commit. The Rajasthani Song was brilliant and The Background projections were well worked on. With pictures of Manipuri patients, I must say I was impressed :).

The Holi Song was however unasked for, I mean when Delhi based people realize…

WE DON’T CELEBRATE HOLI! It’s too uncouth a festival for South Indian (read Bangalore) sensibilities, or at least The South India, I know I belong to. Ashwa Medha, as a song started off brilliantly but slowly boiled down into a horrible attempt at something Sankritised and Classical. I must however agree that their Jugalbandi and their performance of Queens Bohemians Rhapsody was one of the best I’ve heard, and the reason why they performed it even better (guess!).
Overall I found it worth a listen, but the costumes and the choice of songs need to be worked on…

Word of Caution to any performer in Bangalore: ‘We do not understand Hindi! So stop throwing around the language if you want to be appreciated. We were all not born up north, nor do we find the language desi. It’s about time you realize India exists beyond that language.

Friday, July 06, 2007

I was at Maya, at Bombay Store yesterday listening to my brother perform... But exhaustion got the best of me, my mind drifted and i ended up writing loads of 'Crap'...
Here's some of it...


Crowds all around me
I am alone
Music in my ears
Yet, empty within

Family, Relationships, Love
Non-existent to me
Bliss, Pain, Harmony & Peace
Embrace Everything

Visual stimulii grasp
I go blank
My Reality; Your Lie
Your Reality; Maya.

@Pisces and The Avoidable Christite

Blue, Pink Coral
Translucence; it is
Water, some say
I say - 'No, clue!'
Looking back, wonderment
Was it like that?
Did i not know?
Maybe i didn't
But now i do

@Le Madre

Love, Pride, Confluence
On her face, her blood shines
He's hers, as he was
Dignified her cause.
A mother, to us
Now, she's HIS
His alone!

@The Crowd

A Pinch, A Push, A Nudge
A Poke, A Shiv, A Statement (?)
Don't fit in, but try
Even if you never will,
What do you lose, anyway
JUST, You're Identity.

@My Doe-Eyed Boy

I miss you, I don't know why.
I try not to
Then, i miss you more.
Dweller of hills,
That's my territory.
I breathed, and will still now.
Why refuse?
I see it in you
Yet we play blind.

@The Diva

I look at her
and wish i was
more open and believing
i need to be who i really am, i know
it's about time for me to face
the world; everyone
most of all

Sivaji - The Boss (No Doubt!)

At last I decide to write my views on ‘Sivaji – The Boss’, the latest Rajni flick to bowl over audiences all over South India, and the world over.
Sivaji’s brilliant performance commercially is no surprise to any fan of his, after all - at the end of the day, does ANY other actor, the world over, command as much of a fan following or respect as him?
Rajnikanth is a phenomenon or let’s say Shivaji Rao Gaikwad (his real name), for the benefit of the unknowing public is a phenomenon in itself. A Marathi, who grew up in Bangalore, and was a conductor in BMTC, who went on to become one of South India’s most famous actors. Could a CV be more interesting?
Rags to Riches and Fame marks this man’s life, he is s a friend to some, a GOD to some, and a fatherly figure to others. The Tamil Film Industry cannot help but except the fact that this man symbolizes it, and will always be remembered as one’s of its most famous faces. His ‘fame’ spreads across the globe, what with Japanese and Malaysian fans, and recently I came across a community of Native Americans who also had a fan club in his honour. It’s almost impossible to even describe his effect on the psyche of so many millions, and I shall not even TRY to achieve the impossible.

My Review (If you can call it one!)

‘Sivaji – The Boss’, the movie, is worth every damn second. Watching it even for a ticket worth Rs. 200/- didn’t seem a problem (I mean, there were people watching it across town for Rs. 1500/- , so who’s complaining?!) to an otherwise miserly me. I dragged along uninitiated James and Phanindra with Hari, Bhavya and me, and caught the film one morning at PVR Classic, Koramangala, Bangalore. The movie was an on-the-spot-book-a-ticket-film, a new concept started by PVR especially for SIVAJI, 6 screens were playing the film simultaneously at PVR and this was way into its 3rd week. Aaaaaaaah! ;)
The movie began as a typical Rajnikanth movie would, and the first song – Ballelakka, featured Nayantara – the slightly plump Kairali actor who was cast opposite him in Chandramukhi (his previous hit and a remake of Malayalam hit; Manichitrataazha), who has slimmed down beautifully and now looks GORGEOUS!

As was with his movies ever since Baba (a 2000 release), the song was almost like a Political Agenda that he was promising the people of Tamizh Naad.
With lyrics that promise our Ayya turning TN into the next America… The motive doesn’t seem too simple to understand…

Aey…Balleilakka Balleilakka Salethukkuh
Aey…Balleilakka Balleilakka…
Ottu Motho(m) Makkalukkaah…
Anna Vandhaa Tamil Nadu America…

The movie anyway continues as a comedy till the interval, with interspersed Romance, Comedy and a lot of Sriya (Tamizh Chelvi’s) skin. Sriya does do an OK job at the ‘Iyer Veetuh’ girl, but echoosme! You can’t really imitate the ‘Woe-Hoeh’ of an Iyer girl, without like studying it for a year at the minimum (Previous successful attempts, Aishwarya Rai as Vaishnavi, and Konkona Sen Sharma in Mr & Mrs Iyer).
The song style that comes next, has some very interesting lyrics that have also caused lots of misunderstandings about the plot-line and what the film is trying to promote.

It (mind you) does not say that all Tamil boys who are dark now need to get fair, rather that kinda ironically, they ought to realize that they are beautiful as they are. Even in the story Tamizh Chelvi tells Sivaji that she used his colour as the reason to dislike him only because of her ‘Dosham’ (So IYER!!!), and she didn’t want to harm him. At the end of the day, his dark skin made him who he really was…
Lesson goes out to all Tamil Boys liberally applying Fairness creams…

Kanna… Karruppuh dhaan Tamizhukkuh Pudichchuh Colour’uh!

Well, that apart the sets for all the songs especially Sahaana Pookal and Vaaji Vaaji are to die for, I wouldn’t mind watching the film a hundred times just to catch these amazing sets that prove to me that Shankar beats Monsieur Bhansali any day.

Vivek’s comedy is good and not groce for once, as it usually is.
The inclusion of Solomon Pappaiah and half the cast of Patti-Manrram however again seems political to me.
I wouldn’t want you to miss catching Rajni in his many avatars. They’re to die for. I love the bald matrix avatar. Sexy! It is…

Go catch the movie before it goes off screens, coz it’s a pure theatre watch, not for those cozy home viewings with the whole family. Instead take your whole family to the film.
Entertaining and Awesome Music… What more could you ask for?