Wednesday, January 25, 2012

An open letter to someone I wished I had never loved!

It finally is over… I had hoped it never would be, but it is… and I am a loser for falling prey to you again. So what was I? A random guy who would look after you, take care of your expenses and blow you when you were horny? I hate myself for having been reduced to just that, all the while assuming I was in LOVE. It took you one month to replace me, no? Just ONE month… and what for… Because I asked you to love me in return!
If I mattered even a bit, wouldn’t you have tried? You always knew that I was just waiting to take you back and believe in the lie that you helped create… so what was it that changed?
You didn’t love me, no? I’m sure that was it… because if that was not the case, then you are just evil. So for my own sake, I shall remember you as a young boy who fell out of love with me… because if you did love me — what you did was not what anyone deserves, not even your worst enemy.
Take care and for your own good, stop using people so selfishly… it will all backfire one day and you will have no way to counter it.
You, or who you made me to believe you were, will be missed. Your true form in all its vileness however will not. And please, no amount of psychological counselling can help someone like you. You enjoy being a victim and I am sure you wanted to be portrayed as the victim in this relationship too. But that cannot happen, because, unlike you, I loved you… and till yesterday evening when you decided to show me what I am really worth… I was willing to die for you. You were my everything and now I pray and hope that I never meet one as monstrous as you, ever again.
You were a bad dream and I hope I wake up tomorrow and you never even existed.