Friday, August 03, 2007

What more can a Fan ever ask for?

The Best Simpsons Episode EVER!

Director: David Silverman
Starring: Dan Castellaneta (Homer), Nancy Cartwright (Bart), Yeardley Smith (Lisa)and Julie Kavner (Marge).

Rating: ****

What more can a Fan ever ask for?
The Simpsons Movie is something any Simpsons fan has been dying to catch, for quite some time now, and now that’s it’s released, it just doesn’t seem that satisfying enough.
The 87 minute long (or let’s say short) movie, is one hell of a joyride, and almost all the prominent characters from the TV show, star in the movie.
It’s funny, entertaining, and there’s enough of Homer – isms to get you through the movie. And if that’s not enough, Schwarzenegger, Green Day singing the Simpsons Theme Song or the extremely nutty ‘Spider-Pig Song’ from the OST is sure to make you double up in laughter. The creators have definitely tried their best, and all the magic of a Simpsons TV Episode has been recreated, but the plot (ha-ha!) definitely seems rushed. Lisa is completely adorable as she falls for a special someone; while Bart’s sudden affection towards Mr. Flanders is quite the surprise.
Brilliant animation apart and even better one-liners, the Movie is a sure pick for the coming week. So drag along all your Simpson fan friends and family members and let the magic of The Simpsons drown out all your sorrows and still teach you that well learnt lesson.

P.S., Hang on till the credits come up, sweet surprises await.

Watch out for: A never before seen plot-line for a Simpson story, well drawn out, and sure to make you go queasy at times, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Green Day, Tom Hanks and The Pig.

Do not Watch out for: The extremely rushed pace for a Simpsons Story and the ‘funny’ comments that have quite wisely been added into Homers lines, and the far too many ‘homer falls down’ jokes.