Friday, August 24, 2007

The Male - Beauty! YES!

the male body is often well not as openly appreciated as the female.
well i think i'm very greek in my tastes and a well-chiselled torso is...
well... as or even more beautiful than a female torso on its own.
now, you might say... that's just coz i swing both ways...
but... how? how can you say that the following pic, is NOT a piece of art...
and just some random semi-erotic imagery?

thanks@abercrombie and fitch.

what say you?
isn't it time the male body also received its share of praises?
i mean IT IS BEAUTIFUL! Bleddy!

When picture speaks MUCH better than words...

Unity In Diversity!

at least this the version closest to my heart... of it!


to the uninitiated the dances clockwise are:

1) Contemporary Classical Dance (quite a paradox!)
2) Mohiniaattam (Kerala)
3) Odissi (Orissa)
4) Kathak (UP)
5) Raas Lila (Manipur)
6) Kuchipudi (Andhra Pradesh)
and in the centre
7) Bharatanatyam [Classicalized Sadira] (Tamilnadu)