Friday, August 31, 2007

Kumaran Silks Ad!

i LOUVE this pic…
i simply just do!

never meant to pose, just happened, and whatte pose I say.
self praise i know… but once in a while it’s ok…
jaahnavi looks lovely, and somehow, i like the way i look too…
for once…
joys once in a while as such can be so enjoyable!
(har! har!)

ethnic day 2007
borrowed kurti from man from hills
borrowed veshti from nicky, my love
borrowed lookoo from kumaran silks ad!
shtill its ME

(i know i have white hair!)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Male – BEAUTY! YES! 2

as a continuation to my the male – beauty! yes! series…

my second presentation…

the male form is indeed one of the most confusing when it comes to appreciation. at the first look the nude male form is surely erotic, but on further appreciation one comes across the intricacies of the male body form.
from the beautifully designed torso (previously discussed), to the even more interesting (ahem!) mid-hip (loin) area, to well, the legs. a well defined man’s body (if well maintained) is quite a pleasure to any discerning eye.
i am trying to help re – establish the ‘innocent’ beauty of the male form, from a pure sense of aestheticism, beyond the more ‘forced’ carnal attitude towards it.
the male form deserves its recognition as equally aesthetic, or well the romans, greeks, and chinese might have all been wrong…
ponder on…

thanks@dylan rosser
the model=ivan (a fav of dylan rosser)

the artist is known worldwide for his 'the male form' project, a project that has also created many other similar projects including the infamous 'penis project' that has tried to establish male sexuality as an equally aesthete form in normal societal definitions.

Friday, August 24, 2007

The Male - Beauty! YES!

the male body is often well not as openly appreciated as the female.
well i think i'm very greek in my tastes and a well-chiselled torso is...
well... as or even more beautiful than a female torso on its own.
now, you might say... that's just coz i swing both ways...
but... how? how can you say that the following pic, is NOT a piece of art...
and just some random semi-erotic imagery?

thanks@abercrombie and fitch.

what say you?
isn't it time the male body also received its share of praises?
i mean IT IS BEAUTIFUL! Bleddy!

When picture speaks MUCH better than words...

Unity In Diversity!

at least this the version closest to my heart... of it!


to the uninitiated the dances clockwise are:

1) Contemporary Classical Dance (quite a paradox!)
2) Mohiniaattam (Kerala)
3) Odissi (Orissa)
4) Kathak (UP)
5) Raas Lila (Manipur)
6) Kuchipudi (Andhra Pradesh)
and in the centre
7) Bharatanatyam [Classicalized Sadira] (Tamilnadu)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Branding Manipuri...

Going back to my roots…
I remember at the end of the day I am Manipuri…
Meitei to be precise.

I am a Laishram, of the Khuman Clan, belonging to an indigenous people often called the Meitei, or alternatively the Meetei.
I’ve never felt any sort of connection to the people, or the state, but its history has surely captured my mind.
I’m hooked.
I’ve learnt the language quite aptly called Meiteilon
[Meitei = Meitei People, Lon = Language]
And I carry the Yum-naak (family title) Laishram passed on to me through my father - quite proudly…
BUT I’ve never felt Meitei enough till, well let’s say yesterday.

The Royal Seal of Pakhangba, the first King of Kangla (ancient valley kingdom)who is also the leading diety of the Meitei Pantheon - Half snake, Half Man, he was the arch enemy of my clan - The Laishram.

Manipur, as it is called now, is a conglomerate state that belongs equally to the Meitei tribe, the Kuki tribes, the Khulmi tribes and the Naga tribes.

The valley where my roots are embedded always was and still is the home to the Meitei tribe, who were quite advanced when it came to language, art, culture and tradition. Two or three other tribes, mush lesser in number such as The Kom, The Chiru, The Kabui and The Kach Nagas conglomerate tribes also called ZeliangrongZemei, Liangmai, and Rongmei, also co-inhabited the valley since time immemorial.

The Loktak Lake at Dusk - in Moirang at the centre of the valley, this lake once covered the whole valley, and has now silted down to its present size. It is home to the Sangai Deer, and the Fable of Khamba Thoibi (the meitei Romeo & Juliet)

The other 31 tribes or so, who are scattered almost all over the non-valley districts, are either Kuki, Naga, Khulmi or Burmese in categorization.

The Siroi Lily, native only to Manipur, is found exclusively on the peaks of the Siroi Hills, in Ukhrul District, it is also the state flower.

The Tangkhuls are almost exclusively the tribe of the District of Ukhrul, while the Kabui, the Kach Nagas and their sub-tribes almost exclusively populate Tamenglong District.

A Tangkhul Woman, native to Ukhrul District weaving a shawl on handloom.

The District of Churachandpur in the south is mostly Kuki, Hmar, Mizo, and other related Chin tribes in population, while the district of Chandel has a most brilliant diaspora of tribes.

The Kuki celebrating Chapchar Kut (winter harvest festival), with the traditional Cheiraw Dance.

While recently discovered tribes like The Mate (pronounced Maa-tay) are indigenous to Chandel, the district is also home to Naga tribes like The Monsang (earlier a Khulmi tribe) who are native to the area for quite some time now.

An Anal Woman geared up for Harvest, native to Chandel District.

This kind of cross distribution can be seen even in the north, where Senapati District has a huge migrant Kuki population in the Saikul Hill Tract sub-district, originally a stronghold of The Thangal (Naga).

The Loi are another group of Meiteis who however do not practice Vaishnavism and hence have been isolated even though they live in the valley. The Loi are worshippers of a possibly ancient Saivic religion similar to ancient South Indian religion and also are the remaining few practitioners of The Sanamahi religion, the actual indigenous religion of the Meitei.

Manipur is a land rich and diverse in geography. From the rugged soils of the hills to the loamy soils of the valley, agriculture is the major occupation all across the state. Each diverse tribe has their own identifying customs, language and religion.

The state is also home to a huge Afghani Muslim population [the guys especially those who’ve been born of mixed parentage are extremely good looking ;)] who migrated to the region through China several years ago, along with quite a strong Tamizh population in the border towns of Moreh and Tamu. These Tamizh are not from Tamil Nadu but are native to Burma and are probably of the migrant plantation population brought to Burma by the British or ethnic Tamizh who have lived there since Burman times.

Among many of the things that are concerned to be culturally Manipuri, I think the Nupi-Lan (The woman war) fought by Meira Paibees (Torch-light bearers) stands out as something extremely indigenous to the Meitei.

A Lone Meira Paibee, which is usually not the case, with her torch that symbolises her name.

The Raas-Lila form of Meitei Jagoi (Meitei Dance) and the Maiba Jagoi (the Shaman Dance) are dance forms that represent the Meitei quite typically too. A perfect paradox of religions are shown in these forms, where the native Sanamahi meets the adopted Vaishnavic.

Meitei Jagoi, in its classical form, a version of this feauturing Krishna (Govinda) is called Raas-Leela.

Maibee Jagoi, performed by the Maibee (She-Shaman) during Lai-Haraaoba.

Pung Cholom(Drum Jump Dance) is another brilliant performing art form that can hold your breath from the start to the end.

Pung Cholom, a tradional male performing art of the Meitei.

Thang-Ta is the native martial arts and is now held in high esteem even among Karate exponents.

Thang-Ta, the indigenous Martial Art form.

The Meitei also claim the discovery of Polo as a game, the only difference being they call it Sagol Kangjei (Horse Hockey). The Cheitharol Kumbaba (Royal Chronicles) also have references to these games.

Sagol Kangjei (Pana form): The Meitei version of Polo.

The state is therefore loaded with cultural references and these insights can go on and on. But it would be wrong of me to end this entry without a mention of the Nupi Keithel, an exclusive women run market right at the centre of the city of Imphal. The institution has run for over 500 years now, and is a living antiquity in itself.

Nupi Keithel, a living antiquity, exclusively run by women.

My chronicles of insights into this fatherland of mine, do not end here, but they end for now right here. Till then…

Haraaore Haraaore!
Asibu Thoina Haraaoba…
Asibu Thoina Haraaoba…

(a traditional song sung by the Maiba [shaman] during Lai Haraaoba – a Sanamahi festival)

(Happiness, Happiness!
Happiness that exceeds this…
Happiness that exceeds this…
Will there ever be.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Teaa Moelaeh... Faar Youus! ;)

Te-aa Te-aa Coming for Tea-aa?

Ti Ya Ti Ya…
It’s your birthday Ya…
What are you doing Ya...
On this special day-Ya?

If you not doing anything Ya
Then come off kukly Ya
We will go to Infinitea Ya
And have a cuppa Tea Ya!

What say you Ya?
Plan is nice no Ya?
It’s your birthday no Ya?
Thas why so much Love Ya!

I’m so Happy Ya
You also happy Ya?
So So Good Ya!
Let’s eat Food Ya!

Where means we’ll eat Ya?
Popsies in Koramangala Ya!
Why means Popsies Ya?
It’s being Cheap Ya!

Tohtahll funs Ya…
It being buns Ya…
I not shun you Ya..
You not puns me Ya..



Tuesday, August 14, 2007

We Turn Sixty... Yeah!

Unity in Diversity - These Cords that Bind Us!

a country envisioned to be a homeland…
a home to a billion growing…
people, languages, and cultures combined.

a dream envisioned over a century ago…
a hope so vast and complex…
an identity to unite, and yet represent.

our differences make us who we are…
our similarities make a nation…
a utopia, a country, a state, an idea.

we turn 60 tomorrow, 6 decades have passed…
we’ve grown, we’ve fallen, yet we stand…
let’s salute the spirit of this nation…

embrace this motherland...
our India…
the most pleasurable paradox…
you can know.

happy independence day!

You and Your Dosa!

DOSIOLOGY: The newly founded Psychological Branch of Personality Assessment using the ever-divine poor-man's bread (read. Dosa to the uninitiated!)

There are many ways to eat a masala dosa .What ever the way one eats; there is a very good reason for doing that. It shows some traits of the person that is you…

Thanks@Priya Jayaraman

Case 1:
People who open the masala dosa and eat it:
These are the people who are very open about their life. Everyone one the persons friends would know all about him/her. I have generally seen guys do this rather than girls. Some people think that it is a gross way of eating but in truth, these people are just portraying who they are and how their life is.

Case 2:
People who start from both end and approach the masala later:
These are the people who like to wait for the exiting things to come to their life. Sadly when the times comes, they are not too interested or just do not know how to enjoy it to the fullest. These are the folks who just want life as either dry or exiting. They just do not know how to phase their life and enjoy it no matter what. There are two types of people within this group

Case 2.1:
People who do not finish all the masala:
These folks just do not care as much for the fun times as they are already brought down by the harsh reality of life. The dry periods in their life has left them with so much scars that they do not want to be really happy when the time is right. They just take only as much as they needed and end their life. A very sorry state indeed.

Case 2.2:
People who finish all the masala with the little dosa they have:
These are the folks who just are the extremes. They just go all out in life. No matter it is dark or bright. They may not enjoy life to the fullest but they sure make sure that they get every single good and bad thing out of life. Sometimes these folks are really hard to get along with. They are either your best friends or your worst enemies. They do not have a middle path at all.

Case 3:
People who start from the middle and proceed to both ends:
These are the people who like to get right to what they think is their best part of life. Usually these guys finish of the good portions in a hurry and get stuck with nothing but worst parts of their life. The thing to note among these people is that the tendency to burn out very early in their life. Like the above case, there are two kinds of people in this group too.

Case 3.1:
People who do not finish the dosa:
These folks are really the saddest of people. They are the ones who tend to end their life as soon as it hits the bad patch. For them, they only need and want the best things in life and nothing more. Typically, they are not prepared or tuned to life as a whole. They just want to enjoy from first till last. Sadly, no one in the world can live without even an ounce of sadness in life. Not even the richest of the richest. But to self destruct at the mere sign of distress is very bad. That is what these guys tend to do. Some learn to live life but most of them do not.

Case 3.2:
People who do finish the dosa:
These folks are the typical human beings. We all enjoy the greatest of times in life and push the sad parts thinking about the great times in life. Typically the plate is clean and nothing is left for fate or in life. Happiness and sadness are part of life and these guys know that and are kind of prepared for it. Life is not always happy but there are moments of happiness here and there.

Case 4:
People who eat the dosa making sure that the masala lasts for the whole dosa:
These people are very rare. These are the people who like to attain balance in their life. It is hard to displease these people and it is hard to make them really happy. They like their balance and are very protective of it. Sadly these are the people who tend to be lonely as anyone else may upset the balance of their system. Perfectionist to the core and are very careful. These guys do not make the best company but are needed in any group to make the group from going hay wire.

Case 5:
People who do not share and eat the dosa as if it is precious:
These folks are very protective about their life. They do not want anyone to come and interfere in their life. They like to hide their true nature and intensions for their benefit. Beware of such people as they are in every group for their own need and nothing else.

Case 6:
People who offer their first bite to others:
These guys are overly friendly. They do anything to be part of a group and make everyone feel like the group is important than the individuals. They are the glue that holds any group together. They are very friendly and bring the best of all the others in the group. They go out of their way to help other friends. Most groups should have a person like this and they are the ones who plan the group outings and other group activities. Once this person is out of the group, typically the group slowly falls apart.

Case 7:
People who take one or two bites and then offer the dosa to others:
These guys care about friends and friendship but they take their time to get into the group. They take their time in making friends and they typically are very committed once into the friendship. These guys like to always be in the side lines and typically do not jump into anything in life. They always take their time to analyze the situation and then make a decision. These guys take the better safe than sorry approach.

Case 8:
People who wait for others to make the offer first:
Typical people I must say. They are unsure about everything. Even if they wanted to offer, they will wait till the other person offers the food first. If the other person is silent, so are these people. They are the followers. They do terrific idea, they will pitch it to someone else and get their advice before proceeding. Sadly, most of the elderly world like these types of people.

Case 9:
People who offer dosa only when they cannot finish it on their own:
You all may be familiar with these kinds of people. People who are very generous only when all their needs are fulfilled. These folks are selfish but at the same time not misers or greedy. They just want to satisfy themselves before they give it to the world. They typically do not stuff themselves nor do they tend to starve. They are very good people who would give you the best of advices in life. They would make sure that you are not sad following their advice.

Case 10:
People who offer the whole dosa and eat from others plates:
These folks are other extreme. They know what they want, they get what they want but they cannot enjoy what they want. Instead they tend to settle for other things in life which satisfies the needs but does not satisfy the person completely. These guys are termed as born losers cause even when they have the thing they wanted, they can't stop others from stealing it from them.

So next time you sit with a person eating a masala dosa, look closely and see if he falls into one of the above categories. You may be surprised as how much it reveals about the person.

Monday, August 13, 2007


sometimes you wake up and you wonder why?

today i woke up and all that came to mind was…

why not?

days like these may come and go…
days where you know a future might lie…
days when you know loss might cause you pain…
days when you’re in love with life…
but don’t have the courage to live it.

he came, i conquered, we went!

i have it, yet i don't!

Saturday, August 11, 2007


what a perfect day I thought…

woke up to slokams recited…
filling the air…
had just spent the night with a friend? A lover? A confidant?
i wish I could decide.

i woke up without any cajoling…
which is quite a surprise…
thank God Ma wasn’t around…
i guess it all depends on how fulfilled you feel the night before?

for an emotional romantic like me…
love needs to show itself at least once somewhere…
before I can ‘say goodnight and go!’
rushed home completely embarrassed…

didn’t know what was happening…
that lovely morning air…
those paadals making me dream…
of some handsome vague poet with a moustache…
and a white veshti in some field of Kongunaad
writing poetry on pieces of crisp white paper.

a hangover of emotions…
i was drunk with love and friendship last night…
friends and lovers alike…

got ready really fast…
reached work on time…
and ate yummy Kannadiga
akki roti, at last!

had a meeting where I felt guilty.
dunno why but I did!
wish I could help…

i think of a holiday.
i think tomorrow is one?
it is.
life is beautiful!

an intoxication of my kind!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Discovery Channelings...

Today’s Discoveries

(Proves what happens to an idle mind when you’re BORED all day long due to an Over-exciting morning rush-hour!)

1)I HAVE A CRUSH ON A R REHMAAN (All over Again!)

[Why means… Saw his First Interview on DD’s Surabhi, and love happened!]

2)Songs that define me and my emotions:

A Crush = Say Goodnight and Go (Imogen Heap)
Love at Closure = What can I do to make you love me? (The Corrs)
Multiple Orgasms = Pudhu Vellai Mazhai (Roja – OST)
Life Right Now = Breathe (Telepopmusic)

3)I am a Contented Cat indeed!

4) Channel V can rock... Wanna know why? Let's see...

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


It’s hardly been a year and today I felt like I hadn’t been in college for years.

So I got called to college to judge an event, and judge RJ’ing on top of everything else.

I couldn’t say no, just didn’t have the heart, especially when it concerns Sujji, that sweetheart, my only ‘hopeful’ in that batch.

So I agree, and get her to call my BOSS, and well that’s when all the fun began!
My BOSS is one of a kind, formality is something that can only be forced on him, and here I was trying to equate previous experiences to present performance (Read. Invite Saggs from Radio City every now and then).

So I asked the said Sujji to send an email to my BOSS when she quite fastly (forgive the Christite Pun!) replied the NET was down at said college. No Surprises apart, I asked her to call BOSS, all the while forgetting how different he was.

So said Sujji calls BOSS and I get a call in minutes with quite a blasting (I assume – read not spoken to in raised voice ever types!), and I’m almost in tears when Sweet Senior tells me to chill.

It’s time already to leave so I quickly finish pending work and poof! I’m gone.
I don’t remember how and when I reached college, but I was soon at ‘local’ milk stall buying a Badaam Milk Tetra Pack for changes. Memories came rushing…


I’m in college, and I call said Sujji, she tells me to come to The Assembly Hall, how many times have I heard that, dreaded it, loved it, awaited it, scorned it, and flaunted it – I don’t remember.

I’m soon at the hall, and recognitions haphazard occur.

I miss you’ll III JPEng 2004-2007, how I wish we’d been BHM peoples ya! :(
See t2, happiness happens, see Sujji, see Susu, and see Goodhals (Happy Happens!), I go in and see so many peoples, you whom I hated and have learnt to love, you will rock CMR Sveetu, wish we’d got to know each other better.

See Mozz Hottie with Brains! How I desire meeting someone like him, my age, so that my desiring eyes could look elsewhere. He’s lost weight (Ah!) and looks even more Cuter and Vulnerable. He reminds me of Man-in-my-home, touring hills and wasting.

The Competition begins, and I’m forced to act Teacherly (Not like ONE BIT!), it’s extremely irritating when fellow belongers forget how to behave, so violent (on my standards) reminding happens.

The RJ’s were good. Lost fresher – Learn to grow up! And Mid-day Mate over did herself (she’s ok when normal – Purrfect!). t2 you are wise!

Judging was difficult but thanks to SparrowBoy who always called me to Judge ‘money-ed events’ I didn’t feel out of place. And said Sujji was there no!

Judging over, called-a-lunching a la Birds Park, and lunched and chatted with Teachers (actual), Love came for Pinto, and Love reemerged for PK – YOU ARE HOT SIR!

J happened for present students! Why?

Saw her avoidable 1… avoided!

Later went to meet My Swan, Narrumughaiyae, looking as sexy as he always did (very professional sexy!) no less respect, full respect we chatted, like never before.

Teacher became friend. I Like.

Walked out after my fill (Ahem!) and meet Married girl on way out. Felt like rat for not going for wedding, but promised to make it up. I still love you ya!

Came back to office. Met BOSS. Love happens.

Thank GOD!

Interesting days like this come once in a while!

Monday, August 06, 2007

What can i ever do...

sometimes songs say just what you want to say...
this song seems like it was written for me...
to say what i feel right now...

to all of you'll people who've been
and not really been in my life.
i still love you the same.
i always will.

What can i do?
The Corrs

i haven't slept at all in days
it's been so long since we've talked
and I have been here many times
i just don't know what i'm doing wrong

what can i do to make you love me
what can i do to make you care
what can i say to make you feel this
what can i do to get you there

there's only so much i can take
and i just got to let it go
and who knows i might feel better
if i don't try and i don't hope

what can i do to make you love me
what can i do to make you care
what can i say to make you feel this
what can i do to get you there

no more waiting, no more aching
no more fighting, no more trying

maybe there's nothing more to say
and in a funny way i'm calm
because the power is not mine
i'm just gonna let it fly

what can i do to make you love me
what can i do to make you care
what can i say to make you feel this
what can i do to get you there

love me..

Friday, August 03, 2007

What more can a Fan ever ask for?

The Best Simpsons Episode EVER!

Director: David Silverman
Starring: Dan Castellaneta (Homer), Nancy Cartwright (Bart), Yeardley Smith (Lisa)and Julie Kavner (Marge).

Rating: ****

What more can a Fan ever ask for?
The Simpsons Movie is something any Simpsons fan has been dying to catch, for quite some time now, and now that’s it’s released, it just doesn’t seem that satisfying enough.
The 87 minute long (or let’s say short) movie, is one hell of a joyride, and almost all the prominent characters from the TV show, star in the movie.
It’s funny, entertaining, and there’s enough of Homer – isms to get you through the movie. And if that’s not enough, Schwarzenegger, Green Day singing the Simpsons Theme Song or the extremely nutty ‘Spider-Pig Song’ from the OST is sure to make you double up in laughter. The creators have definitely tried their best, and all the magic of a Simpsons TV Episode has been recreated, but the plot (ha-ha!) definitely seems rushed. Lisa is completely adorable as she falls for a special someone; while Bart’s sudden affection towards Mr. Flanders is quite the surprise.
Brilliant animation apart and even better one-liners, the Movie is a sure pick for the coming week. So drag along all your Simpson fan friends and family members and let the magic of The Simpsons drown out all your sorrows and still teach you that well learnt lesson.

P.S., Hang on till the credits come up, sweet surprises await.

Watch out for: A never before seen plot-line for a Simpson story, well drawn out, and sure to make you go queasy at times, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Green Day, Tom Hanks and The Pig.

Do not Watch out for: The extremely rushed pace for a Simpsons Story and the ‘funny’ comments that have quite wisely been added into Homers lines, and the far too many ‘homer falls down’ jokes.