Saturday, October 25, 2008

A tale of three crushes

What do you do when you have a crush, actually several crushes? I have always had one crush at a time and often more than not, I have ended up with the guy I had a crush on, but now suddenly I am single and there are too many men in my life who fall into place, and match my every requirement in a guy. Can I be blamed for having a crush?
This is for those of you who care…
Who do I pursue, is it worth-it pursuing them, and am I just being a stupid romantic to think things might work out? I will describe my options and hopefully kill half my crush in the process, but you can comment and help me solve my eternal question…
To whom do I beautifully belong?

Crush One:
A beautiful guy, far older to me, we’ve bumped into each other quite often and have never spoken. We just got in touch recently when I literally hounded his friends till I connected to him on facebook and got his email id. We chat regularly and he’s so like me. We listen to the same music, believe in the same ideologies, and quite often have magic working in the air even while we chat. Only problem is he believes in fluid sexuality, which I believe in too, but do not subscribe to. He is currently asexual and I have no clue whether he’s even interested in me. We just flirt a lot.

Crush Two:
This is the guy who I fell for the moment I joined my new office. He sits two rows away from me and all I need to do to check him out is stand up. I cannot look him in the eye, for I fear the reaction I’ll receive, but he seems so amiable with everyone around me. I don’t know anything about him and don’t think he wants to know anything about me. But every time I catch him looking at me, I can’t breathe. It’s not funny and even though it sounds cute, it’s the most uncomfortable feeling in the world. I also have to keep restraining myself from looking that way, and it’s really really hard.

Crush 'on the process of happening' Three:
This guy is a looker. Another someone at work, all the girls have their eyes on him. He smiles a lot at me, and even spoke to me – thrice, but that’s it. He seems my type, and is all quiet all the time, a geek of sorts and extremely interesting. He’s the lean type though and even though I’m surprised he isn’t seeing anyone, I’m afraid he’s the type who doesn’t want to either. I still steal glances at him every time I cross his cubicle and he notices every time. Highly embarrassing… I need help.

On the reflex, I’m happy…
Atleast I finally find more than one man interesting. Being in relationships for almost the whole of the last five years, I’ve forgotten how exciting crushes could be. The adrenalin rush is amazing, and even though it’s not really orgasmic, it’s fun…