Thursday, October 30, 2008

I am fool!

The crushes have all ended.
That was fast.
Instead, I have a crush on a sweetheart from Bulgaria.
It's funny how you can fall so un-believably in love with someone you hardly know...
But then again, if they allow you to do so,
why not?
Crush 1 died a silent death.
Crush 2 might be ugh-ly straight.
and Crush 3 will only smile.
BREAKING NEWS: Romal, you're going to be single for ever...

But I've discovered Laya, and all thanks to Brother Bear 1, the DVD is now my solace.
Culture is my only hope. I will discover all that I need to. I will learn, express, study, experience and enjoy culture. I will have an eternal affair till the day I die.
If someone finds me in that process and the lord wants it all to fall in place...
I will be in love.
If he doesn't...
Then so be it...
The Indian Ocean and all that she's done to my race, people, language and culture, will be my never ending love story, for now :)

"It all ended even before it started, and I knew it would end. I am fool!"