Sunday, November 25, 2012

Yes, I am now Anti-Sinhala, for life.

:: After almost two-years of non-stop research and trying to be non-biased... I am now angry and nothing can change my opinion... The Sinhalese are today's Nazis and there's no lighter way of saying it. First, they suppress a culture out of a superiority complex, then they use the armed forces to cause terror and when the suppressed retaliate and ask for equal rights... they call them terrorists?

Worse still, the world watched as massacre on massacre occurred... the finalé, just a few years ago! I am ashamed of being an Indian today... of being from a country that decided consciously to avoid helping a terrorized people, just a few kilometres across an ocean. I am ashamed of having no power to have changed the situation and promise to strive towards earning such a power in this world. Someday, I shall avenge these massacred innocent.

I also promise to never visit the Sinhalese dominated parts of Sri Lanka... and wait till access to the Tamil parts are opened to visit this Island Nation. 

Also, I would request Sri Lankans that I know to please un-friend me... because I will never be able to look at you without judging you as a gutless, ethic-less, barbaric and murderous people. I have no respect for you anymore.

May the justice of the Lord that I believe in avenge the lives you so heartlessly took... and may I be an instrument to remind you, every day of my life... of how you can also be considered lowly and unworthy of a separate identity.

I curse everyone of you, more so the educated ones, for being silent and un-reactive as your government massacred a whole people — all for the sake of showing who was actually in power. I am disgusted by this nation and its ethnic majority — may they all burn in hell. ::