Sunday, February 20, 2011

A ‘week’ness of yes and weakness of no.

Just when you think all is lost and there’s nothing that can ever go right, life comes, bitch slaps you in the face and tells you that she’s not such a heartless sadist after all.

A week ago, I was convinced that I had everything working against me — a break up (at least that’s what everyone’s calling it) with a best friend; the re-inclusion of an old lover into my private circle, the consequent online fight and the final realisation that he was, as always assumed, just a small little spoilt child, who wanted to be the centre of all misfortunes and couldn’t and I repeat COULDN’T stand, afford and ever allow anything good to ever happen to him; the ignorance from someone much loved that even included, but not just, cutting my calls, not replying my messages and several anonymous hate mails posted here and there. Life, simply put, was being a bitch with me again.

And then came this week, which started on a brand new, almost Harpic clean smelling freshness, nauseating to the old timer persecuted, but new, or at least, new for now. First, a meeting with said best friend, that went really well, in the company of several shared friends, of course, for such is the misfortune of the friend(ed) in a city like Bangalore. Then, an even cooler plan to visit a musical festival, probably the biggest ever yet, where major bonding happened with said friend and several others and then to top it all off a message from said ex-lover, which spoke in the warmest tones and immediately resulted in a return call. “I am not under the influence of anything, I just wanted to talk to you” — and I knew it was all right again. The crowning glory of goodness however was a superb calendar that was gifted to me, consisting of various semi-nude and highly erotic images of my biggest celeb-crushes and various other homo-erotically charged photos, given to me, to keep me from turning ‘asexual’. I love you, my calendar giver and believe me, I am trying...

Let’s hope the coming week has much and such promises for me, considering that post Valentine’s Day, I am convinced a special someone else is also really important in my life. Baby crush, yes! Major crush, no! Potential compatibility, highly unlikely! Love... well, let’s leave that for time to decide now...

Pic Courtesy: Saina Jayapal