Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I remember writing this three years ago... When an extremely nauseatic class by our dear 'allrite' pissed me off extremely!...
I beleive it deserves to be re-published....
So here it is...
N - Jaai :)
I miss his classes, any classes for that matter, though :(

An ode to our beloved " allrite " ( with all possible nasal accents that saddeningly cannot be deciphered and decoded under any symbol ,sign ,or letter in the english language !! )

To all the piteous scapegoats who were unpleasently caught in that rare fatal phenomenan and forced to go thru it to its very end.....may ur eardrums rest in peace !!

If there ever was an incarnation of boredom,

I am very sure it was ' you ',

' You ' made the greenest pastures grey,

And turned the most sweet sounding brook into a monotonous drawl,

With such ease,that even unparallels god's at creation,

Blue skies turned pale brown,

Poetry turned plain ol'boring,

And every word uttered ,was worse than the most awful japanese torture,

' You ' are Boring !!!!

and ' you ' rule at that .....

Long live ,piteous creature!

Father of everything bland and boring....

The king of farfetched accents,

May your Tribe decrease !!!

May that sinful nasal tone of yours get done away with you !!

Let not man clone as long as you live !!

Let not chance overcome our otherwise bright future !!

Let not the world degrade into a pot of totally weird nasal tones !!

Let not the world end....

and so this must !!

Let not misfortune befall mankind !!

God save us !!