Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Revisting my old blog on livejournal... came across something i found really cute... Guess these people at the end meant the most to me sans Kamal Singh Saluja (his 'gf' is my Mumbai gf now though... Private joke... Forgive!)

Nov. 8th, 2004 03:52 pm grrrr-eo!!

ok in class today we were writing weird limericks and here are a few for those who missed out on all the fun in phonetics class.....
and yeah thanks a million shwetha,syed,keerthie,malini,and jenni for making urself available as our bakras for psycho pracs...
love youll...!!!
....ok here are them limericks.....

The first place goes to this one......With love to phanindra!!

Oi phani !

Your'e my honey!

Your'e like a hanky,

when my nose is runny !!!!

This one's for kamal saluja our very own sardar class rep......

Kamal saluja,

Roz karoon tere pooja,

Tere jaisa aur nahin dooja!

oh pyaare kamal singh salooja !

This ones for Manasa........the koyaliyaaaa!!!

Manasa Manasa

U remind me of a crispy dosa,

Would you like to dans-a ?

With me-a do the salsa ?

and this ones for payal....brain bug!!

Jhanjhariya payaliya

U infect me so ghayaliya

Give me a tri-yal-iya (trial )

i promise i will always be full loyaliyaa ( loyal)