Sunday, July 08, 2007

I was one of the few people (if 500 was ever a few) people to catch Artists Unlimited at their maiden performance at The Christ College Auditorium, on Saturday evening :). Artists Unlimited are a performing Band/Choir/Vocal Group based out of Delhi, who support The Naaz Foundation, an NGO working with AIDS and HIV affected people all across the country. The program started a little late, but then which program in Namma Bengalooru scheduled for any time before 9pm starts on time?

Anyway, the vocals seemed brilliant and the whole event was worth-it save a few glitches that… well… everyone from North India often commit. The Rajasthani Song was brilliant and The Background projections were well worked on. With pictures of Manipuri patients, I must say I was impressed :).

The Holi Song was however unasked for, I mean when Delhi based people realize…

WE DON’T CELEBRATE HOLI! It’s too uncouth a festival for South Indian (read Bangalore) sensibilities, or at least The South India, I know I belong to. Ashwa Medha, as a song started off brilliantly but slowly boiled down into a horrible attempt at something Sankritised and Classical. I must however agree that their Jugalbandi and their performance of Queens Bohemians Rhapsody was one of the best I’ve heard, and the reason why they performed it even better (guess!).
Overall I found it worth a listen, but the costumes and the choice of songs need to be worked on…

Word of Caution to any performer in Bangalore: ‘We do not understand Hindi! So stop throwing around the language if you want to be appreciated. We were all not born up north, nor do we find the language desi. It’s about time you realize India exists beyond that language.