Wednesday, August 08, 2007


It’s hardly been a year and today I felt like I hadn’t been in college for years.

So I got called to college to judge an event, and judge RJ’ing on top of everything else.

I couldn’t say no, just didn’t have the heart, especially when it concerns Sujji, that sweetheart, my only ‘hopeful’ in that batch.

So I agree, and get her to call my BOSS, and well that’s when all the fun began!
My BOSS is one of a kind, formality is something that can only be forced on him, and here I was trying to equate previous experiences to present performance (Read. Invite Saggs from Radio City every now and then).

So I asked the said Sujji to send an email to my BOSS when she quite fastly (forgive the Christite Pun!) replied the NET was down at said college. No Surprises apart, I asked her to call BOSS, all the while forgetting how different he was.

So said Sujji calls BOSS and I get a call in minutes with quite a blasting (I assume – read not spoken to in raised voice ever types!), and I’m almost in tears when Sweet Senior tells me to chill.

It’s time already to leave so I quickly finish pending work and poof! I’m gone.
I don’t remember how and when I reached college, but I was soon at ‘local’ milk stall buying a Badaam Milk Tetra Pack for changes. Memories came rushing…


I’m in college, and I call said Sujji, she tells me to come to The Assembly Hall, how many times have I heard that, dreaded it, loved it, awaited it, scorned it, and flaunted it – I don’t remember.

I’m soon at the hall, and recognitions haphazard occur.

I miss you’ll III JPEng 2004-2007, how I wish we’d been BHM peoples ya! :(
See t2, happiness happens, see Sujji, see Susu, and see Goodhals (Happy Happens!), I go in and see so many peoples, you whom I hated and have learnt to love, you will rock CMR Sveetu, wish we’d got to know each other better.

See Mozz Hottie with Brains! How I desire meeting someone like him, my age, so that my desiring eyes could look elsewhere. He’s lost weight (Ah!) and looks even more Cuter and Vulnerable. He reminds me of Man-in-my-home, touring hills and wasting.

The Competition begins, and I’m forced to act Teacherly (Not like ONE BIT!), it’s extremely irritating when fellow belongers forget how to behave, so violent (on my standards) reminding happens.

The RJ’s were good. Lost fresher – Learn to grow up! And Mid-day Mate over did herself (she’s ok when normal – Purrfect!). t2 you are wise!

Judging was difficult but thanks to SparrowBoy who always called me to Judge ‘money-ed events’ I didn’t feel out of place. And said Sujji was there no!

Judging over, called-a-lunching a la Birds Park, and lunched and chatted with Teachers (actual), Love came for Pinto, and Love reemerged for PK – YOU ARE HOT SIR!

J happened for present students! Why?

Saw her avoidable 1… avoided!

Later went to meet My Swan, Narrumughaiyae, looking as sexy as he always did (very professional sexy!) no less respect, full respect we chatted, like never before.

Teacher became friend. I Like.

Walked out after my fill (Ahem!) and meet Married girl on way out. Felt like rat for not going for wedding, but promised to make it up. I still love you ya!

Came back to office. Met BOSS. Love happens.

Thank GOD!

Interesting days like this come once in a while!