Tuesday, June 03, 2008

As a kid I grew up on very healthy diet of Tamizh Programming on TV thanks to Doordarshan Madras Kendra, this particular ad, however has seemed to have etched a permanent place in my mind and today the ad makes so much more sense...

இந்து டீயில் நிறம் இல்லை
Indha Tea-il Niram Illai
(This Tea has no colour)
சுவை இல்லை, மனம் இல்லை
Suvai Illai, Mannam Illai
(No taste and no smell)
எனது டியில் இந்து மூன்று குணம் இர்ருக்கும்?
Yendhuh Tea-il Indhuh Moonuh-gunam Irrukkum?
(In which brand of Tea will I find all these attributes?)

Today my life seems to be like that! I never seemed to be satisfied, and nothing seems to be working out right... Is it just me or is everyone like me so dis-satisfied in life?
Is it right to be considered wrong when you're actually right?
Or be wronged just beacuse you have a lot of 'right' coming your way?
Why are people so cruel when they can have an equal chance, if only they tried!
Will I ever find something completely satisfying?
Or will I always continue to be in this state of perpetual unhappiness...
I wonder on!
I wish life was as simple as the right brand of Tea!