Monday, July 09, 2007

I Miss You! :(

Running late to office, i jumped into quite a 'Hep' bus, and as i setteled down full Jhumm happens (Thanks be to Aishu Kannan for that word :)... Nothing describes the feeling better!. 'Jeenaa tere liye...' that irritably lovable song from DUM (a hindi movie with Dia Mirza and Viveik Oberoi), starts playing, and i was drawn into a whole plethora of emotions, tears welled, while i felt like laughing out extremely loud...

Manasa i miss you so much... Wish we got to spend more time together... You're now far away in Hyderabad, and your absence is felt every minute... :(

I still remember that day, when you came up to me and asked me to join you in a duet for the CSA performance at that Cancer place...
Practices ensued, where i couldn't ever get my '' right, and the amount of times we tried singing that part, so that i wouldn't go wrong...
I eventually managed to sing it right, didn't i?
I still can, and am proud i still have what you've taught me...

'Kyaa Se Kyaa Hone Lagaa Hain...
Haan Re Haan Hone Lagaa tho Hain...
Dil Mera Khone Lagaa Hain...
Haan Re Haan Khone Lagaa tho Hain...
Tere Liye!

I miss you :(

Journeys Never End...

Well he’s back! ;)
And Deepu got through CIEFL, congratsaya!
Happy Birthday Madhavi!

My Haiku Obsessions :(Thanks be to William Warriner)


heard his voice, again
and I couldn’t ask for more
he’s back; i’m happy!


a girl called Reynah
in office everyday, she
talks incessantly.


by the vanishing
quantities of quality
i am now pursued.

(C) Puhal

@The Wise Man

the wise one teaches
without words; i follow his
unwritten rulebook

thus it is unwritten:
never shall be heard
a negative word.

the wise one is most
subtle. i think his thoughts, and
think they are my own.

truly the wise one
is creative: he invents
his own statistics

(C) William Warriner.

Birthday Jollies!

To all those it may concern,
My birthday is the come, so instead of wrecking your brains on what to gift me, here’s a list of what I would surely like and appreciate in order of my priorities… Ahem!

#1) Kurtaas (Long/Short), preferably from ‘FabIndia’ or ‘Namma Maney’. S: 38/40
#2) Indian made Chappals, of any sort (Jute preferred). S: 8
#3) Jholas or Indian Bags, any sort, any colour, NOT BRANDED!
#4) An iPOD/ Mini MP3 Player
#5) A Digicam
#6) An Internet Connection.