Monday, July 09, 2007

Well he’s back! ;)
And Deepu got through CIEFL, congratsaya!
Happy Birthday Madhavi!

My Haiku Obsessions :(Thanks be to William Warriner)


heard his voice, again
and I couldn’t ask for more
he’s back; i’m happy!


a girl called Reynah
in office everyday, she
talks incessantly.


by the vanishing
quantities of quality
i am now pursued.

(C) Puhal

@The Wise Man

the wise one teaches
without words; i follow his
unwritten rulebook

thus it is unwritten:
never shall be heard
a negative word.

the wise one is most
subtle. i think his thoughts, and
think they are my own.

truly the wise one
is creative: he invents
his own statistics

(C) William Warriner.


Ubiquitous said...

All I can say is
Incessant necessities
Are necessary..

Thank you very much
For the words, but you were forced
Into being kind.


Mithraah Indiirh said...