Friday, November 07, 2008

The week that was!

This week so far has been mad! So mad that I now need a breather... and this my friends is that breather.
Let me go backwards now... Going forwards hasn't ever worked for me (whatever the case may be...hence!) I just calle Monsiuer R for the fifth time today... and this was the second time someone really weird picked up. I was spoken to in mad Telugu and then halfway through the conversation I realised it was his dad (prospective father-in-law it seems!)... which by the way was just after I came out of the movie theatre.
The movie I watched was Quantum of Solace avec the sooper hot Daniel Craig. Now I wasn't convinced that he was a good Bond till I saw the film, and seriously, kill me but I found this the most entertaining Bond Movie ever!!!
Daniel was RAW and I don't mean out shtoopid secret service! He was as man as anyone's ever been. I was shocked at the fact that I was checking out someone's derriere... I've never done that. Add to that a nice action oriented theme, some nice morale teaching story ideas, two hot women, one helluva madame, and you have the movie.
I was impressed, and even if I wasn't, I'll have to say I was, now that I've said it on camera. Caught on Candid Camera heh? Only difference... The camera wasn't candid and I wasn't caught. Let's blame my junior for getting me into all this! And yes how can I forget... Badekkila Pradeep. So he's a looker! And half of Bangalore's gay desparado is after him... but the boy is straight... seriously... and I'm not comfortable with gay men tainting the image of straight men when they 'really just want them to be gay so that they can have sex with them!'. Gay men in Bangalore... Grow UP!... Back to Monsieur R's dad. Earlier today after I had finished my General Medical Test, which by the way was at Piramal Medico Centre, right next to Namdhari's in Koramangala... I called him for the third time and someone picked up. I first thought it was his maid, but now I'm convinced it was his Mom. Do not blame me, how was I to know? He's never introduced us, and she began questioning me in Telugu. I didn't know what to say, so I said I'd call later, which is what I eventually did and already told you about.
Now back to the Medical Examination, which has been postponed for more than a week. It was at this vague place called Piramal Medico Centre (like I need any more 'mal's in my life!) and we would have lost our way, had it not been for Aviva's sooper sixth sense... Anyway after a mad hiatus and pick up frenzy on MGees at 8am, we landed at Piramal Centre only to discover it was nothing other than Wellspring. Now how do I who never goes to a hospital know Wellspring? Well, haha, the name sounds nice! That's exactlly why, exactly how I love Chevrolet because it's name in the francaise accent sounds so kewl... so we were in the clinic and then got on with our proceedings. The injections came first, which I must say were painless. God bless that male nurse with those stable hands, I've never had a more painless blood withdrawal.
This was followed by a pee-in-a-cup thingy, which was gross! All I was wondering however was how awkward it must be for a woman to do that. Men like to put their weiners into things, and so I'm quite sure at least 40% of all men are partially aroused when they see that small cup begging for attention. Gross images, keep out! Men are dogs and I am gay. So it's ok.
That brings me to the next cool part... Radiology. I was asked to strip very decently, and me did it, quite suprisingly without being one bit conscious about my pathetic body. I shocked myself. It could also be because the x-ray man (shit! that could be the next cool super hero name!) was sooper sweet and urged me on quite a bit. Then came the grossest part of the whole deal - the pathological or whatever test. I was first measured up, and nothing surprised me. So I am 5.4 ft something and weigh 74 kilos, seriously! I'll deal with it!... The next thing's what freaked me out. I was asked to strip again... and this time this over-friendly woman squeezed out blobs of cold jelly all over my body saying quite distastefully "Now, that's going to be cold"... and believe me that was the last thing I'd have wanted to hear...
To be continued...