Friday, January 04, 2008

Mr. Knight Inshiningarmour

Laalgudi Jayaraaman playing into my earphones,
Khoobsurat Hain Tu’ by Soumya Raoh feat. Sukhwinder Singh in my mind…
Do I multitask or what!?

Carnatic meets Lounge and is Happy!

The fourth day into the year, and I’m already missing the last year. This year begins with an instability that I hope I will somehow keep from affecting me. I pray that by the end it turns out well. Maybe that’s why Music all of a sudden means so much.
Friends whom I give so much a damn about willfully ignore me. Why do such things? There’s an understanding that if you want to ignore someone and not hurt them, you make sure they don’t know. Why would you rub it in to them that it was done on purpose and not ignore someone else within the same periphery, a good common friend at that!
Another ‘YOU’ who shares intellectual space with me and earns an income out of doing so, similar to me, is a known common friend, of another blissfully inhuman friend, and even though we both know that, there is this wall that still keeps us so far apart.


I am not like this. I suddenly need to be reminded ‘I am liked’. Not the perfect state for me to be in at 8:18pm on a Friday night. I wish I could say “Life sucks!” and be content. But I’ve done that too many times already. For someone who, like me, depends so parasitically on LOVE, this physical and temporal absence is really making the worst of me. Everyone around is in love, or is falling in love, or is fed up of it and getting out.
I on the other ironically different hand, have nothing whatsoever in the remotest bit close to anything like love.

Why can’t people I like, just well… LIKE ME! Why does it always have to be this constant war, of teaching each other lessons, or trying to be more realistic, or even worse; alternating sexuality, or the worst: marriage.

Where is Mr. Knight Inshiningarmour?

If he’s around, or even more pathetically if she’s around

(just in case – ‘coz the battle of the sexes never ends!)…
I would like to meet you now, kind sir.
It would be much appreciated.

And just to make things worse, here are some finitely sweet lyrics – the sort that the likes of me would fantasize of whispering into Mr. Knight Inshiningarmour’s ear when we finally do meet, and by chance even end up making love.

Dreams… Bah!

Khoobsurat Hain Tu
Soumya Raoh feat. Sukhwinder Singh
Music: Sandeep Chowta

Khoobsurat Hain Tu… Iss Kadar, Iss Kadar
Khoobsurat Hain Tu… Iss Kadar, Iss Kadar

Jaisey Khushiyoen Ka Chehraa
Aur Khushboon Ka Daeraa
Khoobsurat Hain Tu… Iss Kadar, Iss Kadar
Khoobsurat Hain Tu…Khoobsurat Hain Tu

Kudrat Se Jawaani… Saawan Ki Rawaani
Zulfoen Ki Adaayen… Humko Tadpaayen

Hotaa Hain Mohhabbat Ka Yeh Sehar

Koiee Jog Mein Dooba… Koiee Shoekh Mein Khoyaa
Jaisey Saawan Mein Koyal… Koiee Geet Sunaaye
Jaisey Saawan Mein, Saawan Mein, Saawan Mein

Dekhti Hain Nigaahain Tujhey… Iss Kadar
Iss Kadar, Iss Kadar… Iss Kadar, Iss Kadar
Khoobsurat Hain Tu (Khoobsurat Hain Tu)…
Iss Kadar, Iss Kadar

Ve Mein Naiyoen Djaanaa, Re Mein Naiyoen Djaanaa

Oh… Raanjhaa Sang Raen’na…
Oh… Dukh Sukh Saen’na…
Oh… Raanjhaa Sang Raen’na…
Oh… Raanjhaa Sang Raen’na…

Raanjhaa, Raanjhaa
Raanjhaa, Raanjhaa
R-a-a-n-j-h-a-a, R-a-a-n-j-h-a-a