Friday, July 20, 2007

Touched by an Angel...

Dedicated to my co-lovers… @mishly

koiee sachche khwaab dikhaakar
aankhon mein samaa jaataa hain
yeh rishtaa…
yeh rishtaa kya kehlaata hain?

One look at him, and I was floored…

I often fail to comprehend why god does this to the frail-hearted. First he makes you as ‘succumbing’ as it gets, and then he shows you things that… well… you can’t help but succumb to…
I saw him for the first time, on TV three years ago. Browsing through a ‘Hindi’ channel (something I do so often – it can be counted!), I suddenly saw this ‘encarnacion de l’ange’ walking across my 14” screen, looking so HOT and vulnerable at the same time, that I’m sure I died a thousand deaths in that one moment.
This magical apparition I had just witnessed walking so amorously across a sleepy colourful Rajasthaani town, in a black sherwani, with a light blue linen shirt and a off white linen pant, was the closest thing to an angel I’d ever set my eyes on.

He was beautiful, as beautiful as the male of the human species could get. With eyes, that I just wanted to drown in, lips that invited a willing contender and a gait that far out-passed any gazelle that ever walked this blue planet. He was my angelic incarnate.

My obsession, as I prefer to call it, went only further after I watched the movie. His every move made me sigh, and every word that escaped those luscious lips, made my heart skip a beat. Meenaxi, a tale of three cities – it was called! I have envied Tabassum ever since.
The movie was brilliant, and a complete masterpiece that deserves to be credited as one of India’s best ‘art’ movies. The film buffs however disappointed. To me on the other hand it marked the awakening of the Indian Male.

This heart-stopper heralded the beginning of the new chic Indian Male – a male who didn’t need to be macho, or look macho, but rather made women go weak in their knees with the sheer un-ignorable sensuality in his every ‘adaa’. I’ve always wondered if M F Hussain deliberately casted someone like him, for the role, because of his ethereal looks, or was it sheer coincidence?...
Whatever prompted him to do so; all I’ll say is THANK YOU!

Thank you, for endless nights of beautiful dreams, for an awakening to male sexuality and its prowess at an age that couldn’t have been any riper, and a huge thank you for creating this emotion in millions like me, the world over.

I know I’m one in a million, and I know he became more popular after the much hyped RDB (I hated it!), and completely ignorable Hat-trick. But he’ll always be mine in that special sort of way that comes to each one of us his most dedicated lovers.

Yes… I died another million deaths when I heard from his own lips… yes those very lips I’ve yearned to touch (ah! The misfortune…) that he didn’t swing both ways… but I have hope… He deserves someone like me… a worshipper for life… someone who can prove that ‘male bonding’ can at times achieve the ethereal.

I Love You… Kunnal Kapoor ;)