Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Birthday Wish-List 2011 :)

Yaah! So apparently it’s my 25th Birthday on Thursday and like every year, I am sure a lot of you wonderful people are breaking your head as to what I would like as a birthday gift...

For starters, I don’t really care, as long as there is some sense of utility to what’s being given... The ONLY thing I wouldn’t appreciate would be things like flasks and items that would probably look bearable ONLY in a showcase...

I would however much deeply appreciate items of gifting like such...

1) Fabindia — Dupattas and Kurtas... please be my guest. I like really long Dupattas and I wear Kurta Size 40.

2) Anything from Body Shop, excluding bath/shower gels... as I do not use them.

3) Books — preferably non-fiction, LGBTI literature of Fantasy fiction.

4) Anything made from Handloom or Khadi or of extremely Natural origin.

5) An MP3 player. I like Sony :)

6) Perfume.

7) Something that reminded you of me.

8) Regional DVDs... Ensure I do not already have them though :)

9) The whole of Will&Grace. All seasons.

10) A date with someone awesome. I get to decide how awesome they are. Period.

Do not however feel obliged to get me anything, as I am cool with absolutely nothing — quite content with just your warm wishes :)

Thank You,

The Quarter-Century-Old-To-Be,

Me :)