Friday, July 06, 2007

I was at Maya, at Bombay Store yesterday listening to my brother perform... But exhaustion got the best of me, my mind drifted and i ended up writing loads of 'Crap'...
Here's some of it...


Crowds all around me
I am alone
Music in my ears
Yet, empty within

Family, Relationships, Love
Non-existent to me
Bliss, Pain, Harmony & Peace
Embrace Everything

Visual stimulii grasp
I go blank
My Reality; Your Lie
Your Reality; Maya.

@Pisces and The Avoidable Christite

Blue, Pink Coral
Translucence; it is
Water, some say
I say - 'No, clue!'
Looking back, wonderment
Was it like that?
Did i not know?
Maybe i didn't
But now i do

@Le Madre

Love, Pride, Confluence
On her face, her blood shines
He's hers, as he was
Dignified her cause.
A mother, to us
Now, she's HIS
His alone!

@The Crowd

A Pinch, A Push, A Nudge
A Poke, A Shiv, A Statement (?)
Don't fit in, but try
Even if you never will,
What do you lose, anyway
JUST, You're Identity.

@My Doe-Eyed Boy

I miss you, I don't know why.
I try not to
Then, i miss you more.
Dweller of hills,
That's my territory.
I breathed, and will still now.
Why refuse?
I see it in you
Yet we play blind.

@The Diva

I look at her
and wish i was
more open and believing
i need to be who i really am, i know
it's about time for me to face
the world; everyone
most of all


Ubiquitous said...

Too much loveliness I say!


Babushka said...

i get the feeling of a dark pub, of comfort and sofas and a sense (with equal cofusion and ease) to find oneself and recognize what one has.
feels cushy and yet i can see the need.

and it's everything :)

Mithraah Indiirh said...

Thank you's Ubequietya!

Mithraah Indiirh said...

Thats Maya for you... :)
I wish more people found that need...
Most dont however!
Sad it ees for the likes of me :(

foto.iris said...

it is so easy for u 2 get people thinking... and when i read this.. i am lost in my thoughts... too much! :)

Mithraah Indiirh said...

Thank you foto-iris...
But in realities... :)
It was the ambience...
such magic is all due to whats around you...
Its not in me..
wish it was...