Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Perfect Weekday Lunch!

If you're looking for a normal and affordable weekday meal and you're in the vicinity of JC Road , then this 'Sagar' would be the most tantalising option. Hidden from the bustling traffic on Lalbagh Road, Café Shreera Sagar, nestled in a grove of palms, promises you a refreshing ambience to go with your food.

The Restaurant offers a wide spread menu of typical 'Bengalooru Lunching Items' which include the usual South Indian and North Indian Meal varieties and a wide set of Rotis and Curries to choose from. My personal favourite, which I discovered was also the favourite of the masses, was the delicious Paneer Butter Masala. Blended in delectable gravy with Paneer cubes cooked just right, this was perfection at the very least. A lunch haven to hungry IT Professionals and Office workers from around the area, the restaurant promises a hundred percent vegetarian cuisine, with added on vegetarian avatars of many non-veg treats such as the infamous Mughalai Biriyani. A fresh fruit juice counter also adds to making it the most refreshing weekday lunch experience in this part of town.

A Typical meal Café Shreera Sagar style would begin with a Veg Soup, and a starter of your choice, continuing into a main course of Malaai Koftaas or Stuffed Tomatoes with a Kulcha of your choice, while a heavier meal would call for a typical veg avatar of your favourite Biriyani, washed down with a glass of a fresh fruit juice of your choice.

Meal for Two; Two Course, Rs 200, including a juice.

Location **
Ambience **
Service *
Food ***
Value for Money ****

Chef's Secret: I would recommend our Café Shreera Sagar Special, our own version of the Navratan Kurma, a curry cooked with Mushrooms, Paneer and Vegetables in Ghee, garnished with fresh and dry fruits. It goes perfectly with anything on our menu.

- Shreedhar H K (from Teertahalli)

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