Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I will survive!

“Somebody, Anybody… Help…”

Every time I remember that scene, memories of desolation flood back into every single corner of my mind. Those few frames of utter hopelessness, where little Simba, seeing his father pushed of a cliff by an evil uncle, and then run over by a frightened herd of wilder beast, screams out, asking for help. The scream eventually turns into a plea, and then into ‘a mourn’ of
complete loss. [Referring to Disney’s Lion King]

Desolation is a beautiful word, for it represents what’s left over after ‘a destroying’ that might not have been as successful as it wanted to be. It therefore (to me at least) represents some hope that lingers on, in what’s left, when everything else stands destroyed.

Destruction is always with purpose.
Doing good can also destroy. But, however much one may try, desolation will always stand for the possibility of new growth, and re-birth.

The amending of ways, the change of idea, thought and perception.
The welcome of the new.
The choice of forgiveness or revenge.
The faith and belief that there is a tomorrow, and one needs to work towards living it.
It is therefore a blessing in the cruelest of all disguises.
An ujaala-venmaiyaay white lily, in the middle of a bloodied battlefield strewn with corpses.
A ray of light in an eternal darkness.
A hope when everything else is lost.

You, came into my life, and walked out at will.
You played with my every emotion.
You taught me to love, while being hated.
You let me learn how to give and not receive.
You brought light, yet took away my sunshine.
You were who you always wanted to be.
I am who I am.

I have not lost hope,
I still believe.
I know that you’ll return.

I will survive.


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