Saturday, November 15, 2008

வாரணம் ஆயிரங்களுடன்

வர்ணம் ஆயிரங்களுடன்

வாரணம் ஆயிரம்!

Directed by: Gautham Menon
Cast: Suriya, Divya Spandana, Sameera Reddy and Simran

A thousand colours unfolding, indeed!

A narration of love in all its myriad forms, a reminder of how basically human we all are, and a gentle motivation to aspire towards a life worth living – that’s Vaaranam Aayiram at its very core, a film that is sure to leave you feeling ironically light hearted.
It’s been a while, a really long time actually, since sensible and watchable Tamil cinema hit the screens in the city, and this one straight out of Gautham Menon’s factory is surely something you wouldn’t want to miss.
Suriya, who plays the male lead role is outstanding in the movie and impresses the audiences from the word ‘go’. His matured adaptation to each of the roles’ demands makes one wonder, where the star was hiding all this while? Add to that the fact that he’s really hot in the film and that he most probably has the sexiest voice in South India – and you’ll know why all the women want to catch this flick!
Suriya has proved he can be an all-out ‘pin-up boy type looker’ and still do justice to his role, acting prowess and everything. The real attention-grabber however is Simran who plays the role of Malini, Suriya’s mother in the movie and the wife to the elder Suriya (Mr. Krishnan). This actress sure knows how to make a comeback and even though she plays an extremely de-glamorized role, she wins the hearts of the audience, most easily. The subtle nuances of being a mother who studied in MCC, Chennai and the fact that she’s Malayali among other things come across so naturally, that one doesn’t even realize a point being made. Subtlety is her forte and she’s made the most of it!
Divya Spandana deserves her credit too. With a role that is so visibly different from all of her previous avatars, this girl proves that she’s an actress who only needed a good role to make that statement. As Priya, she touches everyone’s soft corner as the ultimate-understanding-girlfriend-who-lives-round-the-corner stereotype. We sure aren’t irritated with those stereotypes now are we? Sameera Reddy, the other female lead acts! And that in itself is a surprise to most of us. We should give it up for Gautham Menon, for having transformed just-another-pretty-face into a cute and adorable actress who fits the role like she was made for it. What makes the film a little bit queasy for the ‘normal’ melodrama starved Bangalorean is however the over-the-top portrayal of the relationship between Suriya the father and Suriya the son – we’ve all seen such relationships, but exaggerating them to this level is something highly uncalled for.
Watch the movie for a palpable storyline, beautiful film-making, realistic portrayals – most of the time and for a general feel good after-taste. This one’s a sure winner for Gautham and we’re sure you will have a fun family-viewing experience. It’s a nice movie after a really long time, so go watch it!


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