Friday, January 02, 2009

New Yearsu!

It’s the New Year and my new year’s resolution is like every other year, to do more justice to this mad space. The New Year has definitely started off well, and as close friend aishu goobey was saying, what you do on the first day kind of continues all through the year, yeah! Which means, I’ll be travelling all year through, and that’s enough to make me scream and shout and put off one koothu.
So yesterday found me at Villa No 13 – that inscrutably supposedly chic villa in namma Navdha’s Thubarhalli. We were supposed to be a gang of 15 peoples, but only 10 turned up, but so what? we had enough to eat. Radio Verve maggu Shreyas had brought a friend and his fiancée too, and we all generally had a good time. Several failed attempts at getting everyone to dance and a superb dip recipe later, we were sprawled on the cute kiddy mattresses with perverted softie toy pillows as our parddners in crime.
So we played DC and then tried playing Truth or Dare, but then when you’ve known everyone there for at least 2 years, there’s just that much you can get out of them kaada?
Binu and Aditya were the bum couple and god bless their love for each other. Droogie called up and then Freddie also called up, could I have asked for more? I think Freddie is finally falling for me, after two years of the most roller coaster relationship ever, he finally ends every conversation with a soft yet totally audible and heart warming “I love you” – Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
He even told me my sexy voice was getting him into trouble, when he called me this morning! I am losing it… I am losing it, It is losing me… I am lost.
Okay, back to narration of a lifetime. So we played gamesu and then we also sang a few mad crack jokesu, but the crowning glory of the evening was the pathetic sula champagne. Pliss to be throwing in dustbin if peoples ever bring you Sula champagne. It is cheap for a reason, let it be known!
At 4 we all decide to drive out for breakfast, and so while Navdha cribs herself to sleep, we all push off avec just arrived Jamed Genggu, and drive off to the cool Ramanagarams. Whet’s funny is, I was just shouting at the top of my livers, about how these uncreative Bengalooruvas will all be heading to CCD (with all the pseudo Ooomph I can get into pronouncing the three dreaded letters) on the Mysore Road! So we self condemned uncreative Bengalooruvas headed out and then landed at Kamat Loka Ruchi for brekfashtu. I had one yemmy set dosa, and PDDKR had a mooda idli. Everyone else had Pooris! We all had some sooper kaapi before we hit the road. However, not before we had a stupid porkinaathan driver spoil the New Year morning for us. Sum-sumney he came in our way and caused the most complicated drive out possible. Whatte bum! On top of all that he looks at the car and seeing my elegantly carved “Mathew is a bitch!” (in Tamil) thinks we are all Tamil! I was all ready to brandish my sword of tamil-ness before, he cowers seeing my Bhadrakali eyes and moves out of the way!
Just then full Illaiyaraja moment happened! We are backing out in red kutti alto (ayyio! Whatte small car it is no? has anyone ever realised?) and I see the sun slowly rising and suddenly “Yamunai Aatrilaey” plays off in mindsu. As I cognially drool at Shobana and hum the song, light bulb flashes and I ask if we can go to Srirangapattana? All say yes and we head out…
Bollywood music a la “Yeh Dostiiii”, playing in the background, we drive to Srirangs and all the while we’re giggling at Mathew’s new found passion of bird dancing! He flaps his wings and soars, all the while my uyir in my mouths hoping he doesn’t decapitate his hands (lol!) what an impossible phrase!
Suddenly like one Mani Ratnam movie, everything goes slow, and we that is Vishy the Fishy, PDDKR and me notice James Genggu staring at us. They are on some rumble strips (haha!) and have crashed into a city taxi indica. What follows is a mad crack bargain and a final payment of Rs 4,500 towards damages.
Again Yeh Dostii happens and we’re on our way…
We reach Srirangapattana, disturb a Madrasa in progress, buy stupid eveready batteries that will die out after two clicks on cool Fujifilm camera and check out the whole fort and everything within. We discover the Kaveri and sit and watch the Train pass over the Wellesley bridge and let the cool breeze filter through our sub-craniums.
Illaiyaraaja came to life once more, and I sing the song, not before noticing a Brahmin and a well-educated (I am assuming) Tulu couple and their extremely fair daughters come there for a Pooja.
We then head out to the ignored Obelisk and discover hidden steps to somewhere instead. It’s top secret so I can’t tell you. All I can say is I am now officially a part of the tantalising three! Yeah!!!!
Next up is palace on other side of road and then the last sangam a km further down the road there. We re-discover my fav place at Gumbaz and sit on the well-shaded terrace till Vishy the Fishy has his share of Gumbaz moments.
Sangam was dirty and well too crowded. What was cooler was the Meitei Bamon couple I saw there. They had a fairly my aged son, hot and all, shirtless for a few minutes, and that was enough to make me sit and gape. Shirtless, lean, Manipuri men! Need I ask for more? The family was so meitei, it reminded me of Manipur. What were they doing there? Is a question that never got solved, till we drove back and I saw a Gosai Ghat on the way! Tube light and choke flickered and I connected. Shantidas Gosai brought Vaishnavism to Manipur, maybe he had something to do with this place? Need to figure out more…
We then headed back to Namma Bengalooru and on the way ate at Otal Haripriya (a family fav with PDDKR, as her mom’s name is Priya and her brother Hari!) and we were convinced the bill would be more than the cash we had. Several ideas on who’ll wash what if we didn’t have the cash later, we ate a scrumptious Mandya mealsu and headed to city. I reached homesu at 7.30 pm and then surundified some dosais which I ate with home made pulsu and thakkali chutneysu.
Whatte day no? Thet’s why I’m thought of blogging it. Oh! I sang mad crack songs and did many impersonations for Droogie as he baked the bread for his family that night. I am remembering he was making Idlis for his sister Divya and that he said he has two more admirers like me its seems!
I will fight, I say. Is my discovery, why I must let go, say!


narcissist/nemesis said...

hayo sami!

angelofdusk said...

kaaadavulaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee kaaaaaaapaaaaaaaaathu! govinda govinda!!

Mithraah Indiirh said...

what's so haiyyo saami pa @ nemesis?

angel of dusk... yenna idhuh? you took classes from my brother to write vague comments!