Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Mani Ratnam heroine!

He: So you’re gay?
Me: Yes.
He: So you’re seeing someone?
Me: No.
He: Were you seeing someone?
Me: Yes.
He: So why did you’ll break up?
Me: Just.
He: Are you looking for someone?
Me: No.
He: Why?
Me: Why?
He: Just.
Me: Ok.
He: So?
Me: Nothing.
He: So why aren’t you seeing someone?
Me: Just.
He: Just…
Me: Just!
He: Why?
Me: Because.
He: What you think you’re some Mani Ratnam heroine?
Me: What?!
He: All your one word answers!
Me: Oh!
Me: Sorry.

And I burst into a laugh that came from those extremities in me that had forgotten how to laugh. Mani Ratnam Heroine! Goodness me!


narcissist/nemesis said...

well, that was funny


Mithraah Indiirh said...

somehow when it comes from you..
i don't know whether to believe it :P
to me it was..
i laughed for atleast half an hour..
only coz the comparison was too cool :)

narcissist/nemesis said...

thats why i said seriously, pa
cause it could be making fun of mani ratnam as well as women.
if it is true (i don't know)

one word women - unheard of

Mithraah Indiirh said...

haha :)
OK :)
well I never even looked at it that way, but yes that is a killer...
The one word woman :P