Friday, October 22, 2010

What is a saree, if it's not a Kanjeevaram :P

Saree Ads have a life of their own and more often than not, the best of these endorsements live on in the viewers mind, far longer than the stipulated airtime of the commercial. So while some of them are forgotten for eternity, some of them live on in the lives of fans such as me… Here is a list of my favourite Saree Ads — Ads that South Indian Ad Agencies are now masters at — They only seem to be getting better :)

Ad 1: THE RMKV BRIDAL SEVEN COLLECTION — The seven parts of a typical Tamizh Kalyaanam — Originally part of the RMKV Rukmini Kalyanam series, this ad in particular featuring Sandalwood hottie Daisy Bopanna, went on to make history on its own.

Ad 2: SHREE KANNIGA PARAMESHWARI SILKS — Quite a surprise this one, since Kanniga Parameshwari Silks didn’t really precede or succeed this ad with anything fabulous — I’m not too sure they even made another one. However, that apart, this ad is FABULOUS! The jingle is to die for and so damn hummable, it still hasn’t left me, almost a month after I discovered it. The ad features quite a few famous faces, but the only one that I could recognize was Manjari Phadnis from Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na fame :)

Ad 3: THE CHENNAI SILKS VIVAAGA PATTU SERIES — PRINCE FROM ACROSS THE SEAS AD — This ad has made history on its own for being one of the first fairytale themed Saree ads. Several such ads have preceded this pioneer. I love the ad particularly because the jingle is so catchy, the ad has been shot so well, and the Chandravanshi prince is the Man of My Dreams! He’s so HAAAAAAAWT! :)

Ad 4: THE CHENNAI SILKS VIVAAGA PATTU SERIES — ANUSHKA SHETTY COLOURS COME TO LIFE AD — Anushka Shetty. Fabulous camera work. Superb Choreography. Exotic Location. Wonderful Sarees. Need I say more?

Ad 5: THE CHENNAI SILKS VIVAAGA PATTU SERIES — THE BRAAHMIN THIRUMANAM CEREMONIAL AD — This one is in my list, only because it’s so damn cute…! Watch it and see for yourself.

So there you have it, 5 OF THE BEST TAMIZH SAREE ADS EVER :)


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