Sunday, May 01, 2011

I am someone’s reality. *sigh* :)

Nobody has ever written a rhyme or verse for me...

And recently Shruthi Rao did. So, while I know it’s a little too much self-obsession,
hey, it doesn’t happen all that often...

I had a dream
Of ice cream and singing
Of Tamil movies
With Romal laughing

And why wouldn’t he?
Because that’s what he is
Happiness personified
The image of utter bliss

I kept thinking
What is his secret?
Neither would he worry
Nor would he fret

All thoughts aside
We spent the whole day
Doing silly things
That indeed, made my day

It was a nice dream
One I’d remember for all eternity
And then I woke up and realized
Romal is my reality :)


Anonymous said...

I wish people cherish you as one of their's longing dream instead of accepting you as a reality.

Shruthi said...

Hey Indrajith,I just meant that I was glad Romal's my reality instead of a good dream:)

Sheetal Sukhija said...
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Anonymous said...

you indeed are, my reality too. A very pleasant one :)

Mithraah Indiirh said...

@Indra — Shruts is the only one who has ever written anything for me. I am immensely moved by that. If someone makes me their dream, I might just die.

@Shruthi — I <3 you :)

@Sheetal — you must have been drunk when you posted that too, right?

@Sayuri — You ground me back into reality, everytime I falter. Thank you :)

Pepe Cadena said...

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