Tuesday, December 10, 2013


A post of mine on a confessions page:

I've always wondered... are there any gay men out there like me, who don't really have body image issues? I choose to be as I am, so that I find someone who loves me for who I am, naturally... but, I guess that is a pointless thing to hold onto in the gay community. 

Most people fall for who I am, personality wise, character wise and then slowly realise they aren't into the physical me. Somehow, that makes me more stubborn... the more people say that they want me to change, so I'd be more acceptable to their ideas of what a 'man' should look like... the more I want to hold on to the real me. 

The more men who claim to love me, cheat on me, because they are attracted to 'cuter' and 'hotter' guys, the more I want to stay just the way I am. 

Some might call me stupid... and others might say I might never find someone... but if changing myself to please someone else's stereotypical and often shallow perspective of what a gay boy should look like, is the only way... I've decided, I'd rather stay single. 

Most people would already know who I am... the rest of you would give me unsolicited advice on how I must change... so that at-least the people half-interested in me... will take that further extra step. 

I, have however, decided... to stay the same... and if I remain single for the rest of my life... so shall it be. I refuse to change myself physically for someone, when I am super happy with the way I am... Changing as a person is a good thing. But changing my body, just so someone feels the need to have sex with me, seems super pointless. This is just an opinion that needed venting.

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Jo Hammers said...

We are spirit beings that travel in human forms like they are autos. We are not the body, although it is our mode of transportation given us by the universe/God/Divine Source/etc. I have a huge freckle on the end of my nose. There is nothing I can do about it. People often tell me that I have dirt on the end of my nose. My body is what it is. As an auto it has a hood ornament. I enjoyed your article. Jo Hammers the Mystic - my blog - http://morningtalkswithjohammers.blogspot.com I write about astral travel and supernatural experiences. You are a spirit being like me that just happens to be traveling in human flesh for the current lifetime. Have you considered that in your next lifetime you might travel in a body that walks a different planet?