Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Presenting the Telugu rom-com!

Film: Bhale Bhale Magadivoy

Cast: Nani, Lavanya Tripathi

Director: Maruthi Dasari

Rating: 3.5/5

We've always wondered why actors in Tollywood never try their hand at comedy. Well, that's probably because not all of them have the sense of comedy and comic timing à la Nani.

The film starts out with all your formula elements — rich boy loved by his family; he's the only son; but he has a problem - and this time around it's absent-mindedness. He grows up to be a scientist and then one day spots the love of his life as she helps some children across a road.

Yes, we've seen this as many times as you have. Our female lead, Lavanya Tripathi is also a well-tried formula: she's loving and caring; is a kuchipudi teacher; is daddy's little girl and she's really petty.

She also seems to fall immediately in love with the hero for reasons incomprehensible to any girl in any city across India today. Yes, she falls in love with him because: he donates blood; helps poor children and beggars; plays carrom with an elder and always forgets about his dates with her — you're 100% irresistible perfect magādu!

By now, you've figured how formula-ridden the film is. But wait, I haven't said it isn't an entertaining film. As predictable as the storyline might be, Nani keeps the energy and fun going non-stop. You're left smiling all through the film and the climax, (though, really silly) twists the tale safely enough to ensure full audience satisfaction.
Bhalé Bhalé Magādivoy is a family film. There's nothing obscene. Nothing too serious. And nothing you'd take back with you home. Except the music, maybe. The music is amazing! 

The Tyāgarāyar kirti Endarō Mahānubhavulu (though much-altered) is pretty much in the OST all through the first half. It sounds beautiful and we promise, you'll be humming the ditty much after the film ends. The rest of the songs are pretty hummable too and the title track is immensely catchy.

Maruthi Dasari has ensured a sure-hit film and has kept the storyline relatively simple. If nothing else, the film surely entertains. Take your friends and family for this one - perfect end to slow weekend celebrations!
Watch this film for: The continuous comedy track which is the crux of the storyline, some amazing music and equally hilarious performances by some of the smaller characters. This is a feel good rom-com,Telugu style.\

— L Romal M Singh

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