Friday, January 30, 2009

Culture my foot! All bleddy Hooligans only!

മ്യര്‍ ഹൂലിഗന്സ്

Culture my foot! All bleddy Hooligans only!

What is with the Sri Ram Sene? Why is our government so quiet? I always thought I would never be a biased freak, but the BJP government seems to be proving that they can only propagate mindless communal violence when they’re around.
Is this Hindutva? If so, then why should it pertain to other communities? I am Christian and come from a purely Christian family. We’ve been Christian for four generations now… How does Hindutva pertain to us? Why are these rules for us?
Are we a Hindu nation, is this really that literally a Hindu-Stan?
Whose culture are they referring to when they say this is not Indian culture? Some ancient culture that they aren’t upholding themselves, or some newer culture that they’d like to propagate as their own. And to think that kids my age are taking up arms for such causes! I get it when a Kashmiri kid or a Manipuri kid takes to arms and joins a militant group. They represent repressed communities. Communities that have been oppressed forever! But what’s all this madness about Hindu dharm being under threat?
Threat from whom? Themselves I suppose. Brahmins are still Brahmins, and Shudras still Shudras – instead of solving those social issues, I guess they’d rather fight an invisible non-existent enemy. The Congress may have its faults, but at least it understands the complexities that this state and its people represent. The identity of the Kannadiga in itself is a fragile concept and now we have the Hindu, Christian and Muslim Kannadiga to further divide us. Is this what the present powers call divide and rule, or is this just pure pride at being the largest in numbers.

Are we safe?

Is my community safe? Is anyone safe… I guess this country has never answered those questions and prefers not to!

Where is this nation that is a mere concept heading to…
The Lord alone knows, and I put my trust in him alone!

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